The Other TTR Boss


Can't wait to receive my deliveries! 🙌🏻

Heading out for brunch with @jongsy now, the aim is to use the Entertainer app so we shall see where that brings us!

AND ALSO, WE ARE CO-DAYREING TODAY! Hehehe. It's my first time doing it so should be fun. I'm looking forward to filling this post up!

Dayre-ing about @jongsy dayre-ing.


#JoyceisEntertained #JongsyisalsoEntertained

Helloooo guys! First time doing co-dayre with @joycesayshello. I'm her sister if you're wondering!

We have been running #thetinselrack together since 2010 and decided to do it full time after we graduate!

She always mentions me on dayre but if you have clicked on my profile before, you would know that I'm pretty inactive. 🌚

Today's brunch location: In The Bravery! Never been here before, so let's see how their food and drinks fare! 😋

Food is here~ But camera gets to eat first!


Today, for a change, you get to hear what @jongsy thinks of the food instead of hearing it from me. Hahahaha.

But let us fill our tummies first!


Love it when cafes put flowers/dried flowers/random plants on tables. Lolol.


So pretty!!

Did a quick check with the counter staff to see what items qualify for the 1 for 1 and he said all the food items are! 🎉

I was eyeing the bagel set but @jongsy doesn't like chewy food. Meh. Hahaha.

Holy Crab sounded nice but we decided that we wanted (okay more like I wanted) breakfast-y food. LOLOL.

Me and my breakfast food obsession.


How would you rate this dish?


What do you like about this dish?

"The toast is crispy and not too tough. It's toast to perfection. The guac and scrambled eggs are fluffy and well seasoned."

What was bad about this dish?


Wa I fully agree about the sprouts. This dish would be so awesome without it. I kept telling @jongsy that the smell of sprouts made me feel like puking. Erps.

I picked out every single strand of it. EVERY LAST STRAND.

No sprouts shall contaminate my food.


My fingers look retarded here but never mind let's ignore that. Hahaha.

The pancakes leh?

"The pancakes were mediocre lor. I still prefer Pacamara's."

"Pancakes 很难吃完的"


She so lenient hahahaha mediocre still got 7.

And yes it's true, we didn't finish the pancakes. 😂 Also because @jongsy has very small appetite. She gets full very easily and I feel like a glutton whenever I eat with her.

Lol this @joycesayshello forgot about the coffee and ask me to continue on her behalf. 😂

We ordered iced lavender latte and mocha! Wouldn't recommend the lavender latte cause the lavender flavouring was too strong and it tasted like air freshener 😖 4/10

Mocha was not bad! 8/10 ✔️

Would pick out one of these to accompany my coffee if I were here alone.

We are quite the opposites of each other in terms of personalities… Jo doesn't enjoy being alone outside but I relish my alone time! I'm usually out and about with my friends after work but Jo needs to recharge her batteries at home after a long day at work. I'm more of the big picture person while Jo focuses on the small details. She's organised while I'm all over the place.

I guess this is why we complement each other so well in life and at work.

What I lack, she makes up for. And vice versa.


My roaming eyes 👀 spotted this while we were on our way to run some errands at AMK Hub.

Woohoo. Is it AMK slowly becoming hipster now.

Got my green milk tea YAAAAAAY.


Okay gonna pass the dayre baton on to @jongsy before she slowly fades out and comes back to dayre only 3 months later. LOLOL.

Hahahaha Joyce is absolutely right… I feel like ending my day already 😂 We are back home after having brunch and running some errands in town. Psst, we are having storewide 30% off 2nd piece at both Citylink and Orchard Gateway store!

Pop by if you happen to be in town 😉

Anyway. I think some of you are not aware of this… But Jo is as much TTR's owner as I am.

It's just that she prefers to keep her life offline so I'm the active one sharing about TTR most of the time. Which gives the impression that I'm the sole owner.

But #TTR actually has two bosses! ✌🏻

I managed to coax Jo into sharing how she started out in TTR. Which is no mean feat because she hates writing. Hahahah. But I thought it would be interesting for you guys to hear from her perspective!

Here's how I started helping @joycesayshello back in 2010! 💪🏻

I still vividly remember the day Joyce brought home a few bags of clothes and told me that she's going to start an online store with one of her friends!

But her friend left eventually cause I guess it's not her kinda thing. And that's when I came in to help Joyce cause she was running TTR alone and not doing so well at certain aspects. Ahem. Hahaha.


What can I say?

There are just some areas in life that I'm not so good at. Hahahaha. So blessed that I have Jo to balance those areas out.

Joyce works more for the creative side and most of the photoshoot ideas and marketing plans are made by her. But she is also kinda messy and poor at doing admin stuff. 😬

I was just a poly year 2 student back then and had quite a bit of free time after school. So I 可怜可怜她 😂 and volunteered to help her with the emails, packing of parcels and sending them out.

One of my biggest joy in life is to clear the emails inbox. LOL Ikr… I think you can say that I'm pretty much a workaholic.

Year 3 was terrible though, I ended up having to juggle internship, PT job and TTR. Hormones all screwed up I tell you hahaha 😨

You guys have fun reading about Jo's journey okay!

I just got out of the house, meeting ZL for dinner in a bit YAY.


We used to work from home (omg it was disastrous) and eventually shifted everything out and had our first, small office along Upper Paya Lebar. That was our very first office and we had lots of fond memories there. 😊 We outgrew our office and shifted out a short 6 months later.

I completed uni 2 years later, decided to hop on board and run TTR full time with Joyce and I never looked back since. While it's great being your own boss, it's also very stressful. We have our own problems and new challenges being thrown at us all the time. But I'm glad that we overcome all these hurdles and become who we are now. 💪🏻

Now, I'm handling TTR's logistics, operations, finances and basically making sure that everything is in order and running smoothly for both online and retail. I must admit that I still miss replying emails though 🌚

Okay phewwww, passing the baton back to @joycesayshello 😂 damn stress I cannot.

Back from dinner date and feeling happy and sleepy already… It's the weather I swear. It's not sweater weather, it's sleepy weather.


Yay I'm glad Jo managed to finish her story! Been bugging her to do this for the longest time already. 😂

Before the day ends, here's my ootd! Specially took it for y'all cause I'm still enjoying my cny break 😉 Luna Knit Top in White x Bondi Flowy Pants in Navy. This combination is @joycesayshello's and my favourite! Classic pieces to own ❤️ #thetinselrack #ttr

Backorder for Bondi Flowy Pants is now open! Please go join the backorder before all the slots are taken up. You'll regret I tell you~ This pair of pants is really comfy and makes me look tall 🌚

I'm only 151cm but I look like 161cm here 😂 really contemplating to keep another piece and alter it to my length so I can wear it with my flats/sandals. #shortgirlwoes

And before the day ends, here's my faceless ootd for today. Because lazy to make my hair look nice today so faceless. Hahaha.

Really took this for fun only since my top is a past TTR design. ☺️

So we've been clearing out our wardrobes over this CNY break and workaholic Jo listed those preloved pieces that we'll be letting go on my Shopee account.

The folks on Shopee are kind as always. 🤗 They noticed my new listings and gave me some discount codes for my followers!

Quote <joyce3> for $3 off $10 purchased, for existing Shopee buyers. Quote <joyce5> for $5 off $10 if you're new to Shopee.

Pretty good deals eh?

My Shopee account name is the same as my Dayre handle! 👌🏻

So. This last part is for you @jongsy, my dearest forever sister in life and forever partner in work!

I'm truly blessed to have a sister and a friend like you. We are not only linked by blood, but linked by hearts. Life (and work) may get tough sometimes but know that we'll always pull through because we will always have each other's backs.

I will always be here for you when you need me and I will still be here when you don't need me. LOL. Please keep a guest room for me at your future home.

Not only a #stickygirlfriend but also a #stickysister.



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