His & Hers πŸ’‘

The season of love is here and everyone seems to be making plans for that day.

Buying new outfits, doing their nails, getting their hair done, shopping for romantic gifts, making dinner reservations at nice restaurants.

If you ask me what I'll be doing with ZL this Valentine's Day, the answer is nothing.

I'm gonna be somewhere climbing a mountain and I bet he's thanking the gods above that he managed to escape having to celebrate Valentine's Day. Hahahaha.

When I was planning for my trip, my friend asked me "eh you sure you okay with the dates? Your first vday with boyfriend leh." I barely skipped a beat when I told her "it's okay la don't need to celebrate one". πŸ˜‚

I have never been the kind of girl who deems it necessary to receive flowers, gifts, and get whisked away to an expensive dinner on Valentine's Day. Don't get me wrong. I love celebrations. I also love flowers. LOL. Need to put disclaimer in case ZL reads this.

(Hi please still get me flowers ok? πŸ‘‹πŸ»)

But I don't think that Valentine's Day is the only day to celebrate your love. And love doesn't necessarily have to be demonstrated through grand gestures.

When Brenda from Arbutus asked me to shoot some images and do up a post about love for their Valentine's Day campaign, I was actually stumped.

The shoot part was easy. I know it's something that I wouldn't find difficult doing. And my creative director 😏 for the shoot contributed some really great ideas for the shoot angles. Hahaha.

The problem was, what should I be writing about?

I briefly thought about sharing how we met but decided to keep that for another specific day which will be coming really soon. Lol.

Wanted to do a post about things I've learnt about love but scraped the idea because too cheesy and it'll probably sound like something from thoughtcatalog HAHAHA.

Anyway. I wanna share a little about the watches we got from Arbutus too!

I picked out a men's watch for myself as well, because I like my watch faces a little bigger. And also, a ladies watch with diamantes framing the face is really not my style.

So I asked Brenda if I could pick something from the men's catalog and she readily agreed. ☺️

And the good thing about me getting a men's watch is that we get to swap our watches! πŸ™†πŸΌ


LOL I think he found it weird to be posing for such photos but he did it anyway cause I need the photos.



Both are automatic watches and don't require batteries to operate. I like the idea of gifting a loved one something that is practically everlasting.

I really really love how this looks on him. This model is available in white face too, but for some reason I always feel that black face watches suits him better leh. 😍

Credits for this shot go entirely to my Instagram boyfriend hahaha. This was a self timer shot done at a random park in Tampines. Lolol. πŸ˜‚

Decided that our lives would be easier if someone could take the shots for us so we roped in his friend to help us!

The watches look so good together right???


The photos turned out better than I imagined them to be. It's pretty rare for us to be taking such couple-y photos because….. It's just not us. πŸ˜‚ We don't even take selfies except on vacation! But once in a while is fine I guess.

Sorry to have left this post hanging but I got caught up yesterday helping @jongsy bake for Valentine's Day and meeting ZL for however long I have before I fly today.

So since I'm omw to the airport… I have some time to wrap this post up!

Decided to write about a few random small moments which means a little something to me from the past almost-a-year which we shared. Some of these I think ZL doesn't even remember or register. Lol. πŸ˜‚

There was once we went to the movies. I can't for the life of me remember which movie of it but that's not important. Hahaha. But the cinema wasn't so great and the seats were horribly placed. The guy in front of me also happened to be quite tall, and so my view was partially blocked.

It's no one's fault so I kept quiet about it but yknow how annoying it is to watch a movie with 1/3 of your view blocked by a black shadow of someone's head?

"Eh your view is blocked right? Come swap seats with me."

I was quite surprised that he actually noticed. Because I wouldn't even! It's the very first time that it actually dawned on me that this guy is even more thoughtful that I already found him to be.


This actually happened very early on during our dating days. But I remember that scene so clearly in my head. It's one of the small things he does which I feel really "aww" about.

I wrote about this here – @joycesayshello:03102016 about him doing a surprise airport pickup when I came home from my Korea trip last year.

It feels so good to come back home when there's a warm hug waiting for you. But what made me remember this moment the most was when I found out that he actually texted Jo to liaise with her about picking me up. And also, he waited for an hour for me because my flight got delayed and my data got cut off before I even had the chance to tell him about it.

The very first time he sent me home, he drove by my block and I was about to get off the car when he asked me to relax and let him park the car properly first.

Then he walked with me to the lift lobby and made sure I got in safely before heading back to the car. And ever since the first time, he has been doing it diligently every single time he sends me home.

The only difference now is that he'll take the lift up to my place with me so that he can play with Xiaobai before going home. LOL. πŸ˜‚

Never has he once dropped me at the lobby and drive off right away. The first time made a stronger impression as always, but this is also another small daily moment that I'm grateful for, every time he does it.


There was one night we laid in bed with him telling me lateral thinking puzzles (IKR πŸ€“) because I was having difficulty falling asleep.

"Tell me a bedtime story please."

We ended up taking turns to tell bedtime stories but eventually our stories so hilarious that it got even harder to fall asleep because we laughed too much. #bedtimestoryfail but it sure was fun.

While the memory is still fresh, let me share about our impromptu date to Fort Canning last night. We were at National Museum cause he wanted to pop by his friend's booth at a flea event there. After that we had a couple of hours to spare so he suggested heading over to Fort Canning since it's within walking distance.

I've only been there once for a photoshoot and it was many many years back. Lol.

We found a quiet spot near the Fort Canning Centre and settled there for a bit to chill and talk. The night breeze was really nice and the view from where we were was so pretty. 😍

He tried to teach me how to dance ("waltz" somemore LOL joke) and gave me a whole bunch of instructions. Ermmmmm. Obviously the moves were nowhere near how waltz is really like and we ended up in peals of laughter. Anyone walked past us then would probably label us as crazy. Hahahaha. Even I would judge myself.

But it was such a good moment. ❀️

Love is always in the small and insignificant things.

I like writing about the passing funny/nonsensical conversations we share, the small daily gestures which makes me feel enormously loved and random good memories that we make as much as momentous romantic dinner dates. Because these inconsequential fleeting moments are what makes up the bulk of "us". And maybe that means they aren't so inconsequential anymore.

This Valentine's Day, if you're the gift giving type or if your partner appreciates a good timepiece, I would say definitely consider Arbutus's range!

Both of us really love the watches we got from Arbutus. πŸ™‚

They are having a special promotion just for Valentine's Day. Their pop up store at Robinson's offers 20% off any watch purchased from now till 1 March! A really good discount if you ask me. The prices are also extremely affordable given the quality and the make of their watches.

You don't even have to get it for Valentine's Day if you're not into celebrating this day. It could be for any other occasion!

Or even any non occasion.

Love is every day, not just Valentine's Day. Cheesy but true. Heh.

Stay loving, you all! 😘

Meanwhile, I just landed in Surabaya all hyped for my hiking adventures ahead. πŸ™ŒπŸ»

But at the same time, I miss my bed and ZL already.

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