Currently at Surabaya Airport waiting to board my flight in exactly 48 minutes.

I can't wait.

This has been the most physically tiring vacation (if I can even call it one) I've ever had. But ah well, all for the experience amirite??! I think I've had enough of hiking for awhile. At least, for the next 6 months or so. 😂

My connection to the world was so minimal for the past few days and whenever I get any sporadic bits of data coming through, I anxiously tap on the Whatsapp icon so that I can spam text ZL and reply to important messages, or go onto IG to post some photos to let my friends know that I'm still alive and well. Hahaha.

Bromo was great but I'll go back to update on that another day! Not feeling up to it right now cause I'm so so so sleepy.

My sleep cycle has been destroyed because we've been sleeping and waking at hours opposite normal human beings since we had to wake up between 12-2am to hike. LOL.


Had some time (and finally proper 3g connectivity!!!) just now on the way to the airport so I got myself reacquainted with social media.

So many flowers and romantic dinners and gifts all around!! So much love hehe. 💕

Mine went like this…

Early in the morning before I started my hike at 3am.

"Why you never wish me happy valentine's day"

*Texted about something else*

After my hike and nap in the evening.

"Eh can you wish me happy valentine's day"
"You faster come back"
"How to faster come back? You send me helicopter? Then most romantic valentine's day ever. Ask me to faster go back but why you don't wanna wish me happy valentine's day"

Hahahaha. In the end still never wish. 👊🏻💢



It didn't bother me la. I just wanted to annoy him only. 😂

Can't wait to go home and spend the rest of today with him and also excited cause Someone's Birthday is tomorrow!! No idea if I have time to bake the cake today… If not, tomorrow!

In the cab home nao. Got this from the DFS because I have the other version and it's my favourite go-to scent. This smells just like the other one but with a slight hint of rose and fruitiness in it.

Can't wait to wear it!


I've no idea how I'm gonna pull off baking and assembling a cake before I meet ZL later. And I wanted to give my nails a new coat of polish too. Fat hope. Ugh. Wish me luck!


✔️ Successfully baked + assembled + decorated + boxed Someone's birthday cake

✔️ New coat of nail polish

✔️ Gave myself a thorough shower

✔️ Put myself into an UberX car

✔️ Otw to meet Someone now!!!

Nails, checked. Albeit painted very haphazardly. Hahaha. Better than the old coat can already.


Shared the recipe here – @joycesayshello:090217

The frosting turned out loads better cause I strained it before letting it cool. No bumpiness! And also, that's my sad attempt at decorating because I didn't have time to make icing for the words "Happy Birthday" and that was all I had at home. Lolol.

I have no candles at home too. 😩 Well I guess I'll go download the candle app or something. Hahaha.


Forgot that I just took the rack out from the oven and happily used my bare hands to adjust it. Angry red welts immediately appeared. 😰

Zzz. Hope they go away soon!

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