The 365th Day / How I Met My Boyfriend

So. Today marks the 365th day since our paths first crossed. The alphabets Z and L only made an appearance on my Dayre since August last year but actually I’ve known him since last Feb.

Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that we’ve known each other for a year already.

Has it really been a year already???

 It’s funny how one year changes everything.

Since this date marks a little something special for us, I’ll be doing a………

 #HIMMBF (How I Met My Boyfriend)! 🎉

It’s long overdue but at the same time, I thought really long and hard prior to penning this down because…

 We met on Tinder!

Lol. Okay the not-so-secret is out. 😂

(So I guess you can say that 22 Feb is our Tinderversary? Hahaha.)

It’s not that I feel embarrassed about it or anything. Don’t get me wrong.

On the contrary, I always chirp “Tinder lor!” with a huge grin across my face whenever friends or acquaintances ask me about how ZL and I met. It’s a fact which I don’t hide and don’t feel ashamed of. I find it quite fun to tell people and see their reactions, actually. 😂😂😂

Sometimes upon sharing, I’ll discover friends who also met their boyfriends through Tinder and we be like 🙌🏻 HAHAHA. Goes to show that not all #tindertales end badly!


It’s just that I don’t wanna be directly promoting Tinder because I feel like I need to be doing a lot of disclaimers to save some of you from broken hearts hahaha.

Tinder is definitely a good place to meet guys (and girls, if you’re a guy reading this) and expand your social circles.


There’s always a but. Hahaha.

You have to be clear on what you want. If you’re looking for a relationship, good for you and I hope you find the one. It’s definitely possible, if you ask me. If you’re looking for hookups, plenty of options and opportunities out there. If you don’t know what you want, that’s when you gotta be careful.

I’m not here to give a lecture on the perils of meeting strangers through virtual means, but the bottomline is, know what you want, be discerning and keep your guard up.

If you ask me, I’m neither for online dating nor against online dating. But in a way, it kinda makes perfect sense for me to find a partner from the Internet? I own an online business and a good part of my life is for the public to read online. Boyfriend also can find online right? LOL.


I may not believe in dating apps 100% but I believe in being proactive.

Like what my wise friend @missgoob said… Love really must find one. But hor #myboyfriendnamenotzilong hahahaha.

Fairytales don’t happen often in real life. No prince to magically catch you when you fall down while walking.

Up till now my mum still doesn’t know that we met on Tinder. She asked before and I told her “online lor.”

So she assumed we added each other on FB and that’s how we got to know each other. Lazy to explain and she doesn’t know about dating apps so I left it at that.

We recently went back to read the initial texts we exchanged and it feels kinda surreal still.

I tell ZL from time to time that sometimes I can’t believe that we actually met on Tinder. It’s still quite amazing to me. There are plenty of success stories amongst my social circle but there are also stories which didn’t turn out so well.

 But I guess I got lucky. 🙂

After my previous relationship ended, I wasn’t actively looking to date or get to know new guys. I was easing into being single, and enjoying my work and time with myself, my family and friends.

My dear friends, on the other hand, were really enthusiastic about putting me back on the “dating market”. All wanting to introduce me potential single guy friends of theirs. Is it scared nobody want me?? HAHAHA.

I suppose they worry for me because I was a bit too laidback about going on dates and meeting new people.

I won’t get to meet guys in my line of work. Guys who shop on TTR do it for their girlfriends/wifes. And would a single and available guy randomly buy clothes from TTR, manage to hit it off with me somehow and we start dating?

Also not Kdrama please hahaha.

Also, most of the friends I hang out with are girls. With that, my chances of getting to know guys whom I would be interested in to date are practically close to zero.

I have @nakedglory to thank actually, for getting me on Tinder. We were on holiday together in Osaka when she happily helped me download Tinder and create an account, completed with a witty profile write up. LOL. Anyone wants to hire her? Tinder Profile Manager. 😂👌🏻

So I was dipping my toes into the Tinder pool for about a year on and off before I met ZL. I use it for very short bursts of time and usually when work hits hard I don’t log into at all.

I guess you can say that it’s both a stroke of luck and the right timing that we found each other in the vast sea of Tinder profiles. I logged in to Tinder after I came back from my CNY holiday in Taiwan and thought that it could occupy some of my time during my two weeks of “unemployment”.

I vaguely remember that it was at night, and I was mindlessly swiping lefts and rights when we matched.

 It’s A Match!

Up till this day, ZL insists that “we wouldn’t have matched if he hadn’t given me a superlike”. Hahahah. 😂

On a related note… Is it got #imetmyboyfriendontinder club in the comments section below? Hahaha. So cute that you’re all coming forward and telling me that you met your boyfriends/husbands on dating apps too! 😌❤️

Coincidentally, just a few days back he asked me what I thought of his profile when we first matched. And I took the chance to ask him back the same thing. Shall not reveal what he said because that’s for my ears only. Hahaha.

His profile didn’t make a impression on me (other than the superlike) when I first swiped it because he didn’t put up any description. Idk about you but I enjoy reading what people write on their profiles hahaha. So nope, it’s not one of those “the moment I saw him, I knew” love-at-first-swipe kinda thing.


Maybe it would be another match which didn’t lead to any conversation, I thought. It happens sometimes. So I gave the match nary a thought until his name popped up on my screen the very same night.

Okay wait, let me see if I can find a screenshot of what transpired. Hahahaha.


It started off very casually.


Now I read back on our past convos I totally wanna laugh and cringe at the same time. I can’t remember what exactly we used to talk about in the early days of Tinder texting but I remember some highlights.

Like how he kept picking on the fact that I only took 9 minutes to shower (what’s wrong with that btw) and how he tried guessing where I lived by the size the park which I went jogging at.

Couple of days in after we matched, he randomly SOS-ed me in the morning but I didn’t see it until at night since I don’t switch on my notifications for Tinder.

 He asked me how to remove stains. Hahahaha.

IS IT CHAMPION. 🏆 I thought SOS cause really got something urgent.

I don’t know if it was intentional but it sure caught my attention because no other guy has asked me such a random yet relevant question before. So I recommended him the brand of stain remover which we use at the office and told him to get that. 😂 I started taking notice of this guy more after the stain remover conversation.

LOL. Like that also can. But really can. 👏🏻

Btw, (cause I may very well never get around to writing about it) at the end of our first date, I gave him a stain remover. Hahaha.

A few days after we matched, I was due for a TTR retreat to Bali and I switched on my Tinder notifications for the very first time just so that I could reply his messages. Cause this guy here didn’t make any move to ask for my number until 2 weeks of daily texting later.

We were texting into the wee hours just right before my flight at 5am, and he helped me draw up a packing list for Bali and told me to pack along my retainers.

I was like ???? how does he even know that I wear retainers! 👏🏻



And asked me to bring concealer for my eyebags because I had less than 6 hours of sleep before my flight. Hahahah.

So thoughtful one lolol. Plus +++ points for him.

Our back and forth texts on Tinder were really mostly just filled with lighthearted, mindless and everyday chatter.

But somehow it was enough to make me comfortable and to reply to his texts day after day.

(Omg this story is getting long LOL. And got so many campers I xiao stressed. Off to the gym now and be back later to continue the story!!)

 Fast forward to two weeks later, he asked for my number because “inserts random excuse”. LOLOL.

Texting got more intense after we moved to Whatsapp. I prefer Whatsapp because it felt more personal.

Can send photos too!

I slowly found myself looking forward to texting this person for that couple of hours nightly. It slowly established that we’d both be glued to our phones from when he texts until he says goodnight. I still am in complete amazement now at how we could text so continuously every night.It was very evident whenever I’m on the phone texting him. My face would be lit by a smile and my friends would go “Smile until like that, texting who uh?” But of course they knew who.


This was the very first photo he sent to me on Whatsapp. Some crab beehoon he had for his birthday last year.


And I, in turn, sent him a cake which I baked. Hahaha. Utter randomness.


One fine day, I asked him if he could do me a favour. I was hiring an intern for TTR and needed a sample of an employment contract. So I asked if he had his contract from his internship stint.

This guy here went to do up a copy of contract for me voluntarily from scratch, completed with TTR logo and all within the same day. 👏🏻

This was before we even met in real life. Somebody give him a medal please. 🥇I still have a copy of that in my email inbox. Hehe.

The one thing which stood him apart from the others was how he kept texts very platonic. Totally didn’t try to flirt with me AT ALL. Hahahaha.

And it suits me perfectly because I back off very quickly whenever guys try to flirt with me or give me all the sweet talk bullshit cause I feel that it’s quite insincere. And it scares me. Like excuse me I know you very well is it. 😂 Guys who are too smooth, cannot. I don’t like. Hahaha. Is it hard to please. 😂

ZL’s texts made me feel like I was talking to a friend. I felt completely at ease throughout our interactions before we met, because I felt that he didn’t have any bad intentions.

So we texted every single day. For an entire month.

 Because that’s how long he took to ask me out.

I remember semi-whining to my friend Lyds one particular Tuesday night about how this guy has been texting me every day for a month but didn’t seem to show any signs of wanting to ask me out.


Actually I think I mentioned this to a few other friends like @jazreeltan also. 😬 Sorry friends, must have been hard on yall and thank you for being my part time love consultant hahahaha.

“Maybe he’s just bored and looking for someone to text but got no intentions of asking me out? I don’t know… What do you think?”

I WANNA LAUGH AT MYSELF NOW GOSH. Really is think too much.

Right there and then, his text popped up on my screen, asking if I could do him a favour and help me check movie timings for Deadpool for that particular Saturday. I checked online (noob here didn’t know what’s the popcorn app apparently) and told him no more timings already. HAHAHAHA.

I briefly considered writing about our first date too but then this post would turn into a novel. Lol.

So anyway, he asked me out the very next day after he got me to check for the timings.

I was gonna head for my jog when he texted that he had something very important to ask me.

Then people waiting already right?

But this ZL made me finishing jogging + stretching before he asked me. As if my heart wasn’t beating fast enough from the workout. Seriously.To be honest I was only half expecting him to ask me out because it had already been a month. LOL. Okay la, not exactly a month but few days shy.

And when he finally did ask, my heart did a few mini somersaults.🤗

We scrolled all the way back to that convo just the other day and it was so nostalgic. Hahaha.

Enjoy the ambiguous and initial stage of dating guys. It’ll never happen again. But then again better things will come, along the way.

I saved all the mushy stuff (but toned wayyyy down) for him on a card. Heh. Which I passed to him at midnight today. One day his drawer is gonna explode with all the cards I give him.


So that my friends, was how I met my boyfriend.


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