Today's small wins:

1) Dropping ZL off at the train station and saving him 10 minutes off travelling time

2) Making it to @jazreeltan's place successfully WITHOUT the aid of my trusty google maps

3) Spending quality time with APW and LTT ❤️ how did 5 hours just past like that??!

4) Getting more editing work done. Still far to go but baby steps!! 💪🏻

Looking forward to being back in the office full time again tomorrow. Miss my office and the girlies!

Current status:

Waiting for courier guy to be done scanning the barcodes of parcels so that we can finally leave office and go home for dinz.


This week's to-do-list. LOL. 😂

Wanted to update about our tea party yesterday but I fell off the face of the Earth because too much work.

I really need to get my shit together, as you can see from above. Sigh. It feels terrible when all the work crashes on me at one go. Need to learn how to manage my time properly grrrr.

But anyway, I decided that Ishall not leave the post hanging so here I am!!!!

My fellow J girlies! 💕💕

It's actually our first time hanging out with each other even tho I've met @missgoob and @jazreeltan on their own. Heh. Was looking forward to it the entire weekend!

Aren't we just amazing at making dabao-ed food look yummy???


Thanks to LTT's pretty tableware and my plating skills if you can even call it that hahaha.

There's Umi Sushi, ToriQ, honey cake from Twelve Cupcakes and some ❤️s I baked!

These are actually speculoos blondies but I feel a bit ashamed to call them that because the speculoos flavour is not prominent enough. 😩 LOL.

And then APW very smart because she got our drink choices correct!! ✔️✔️✔️

She was like "I got Joyce coffee" hahahahaha bu cuo leh know me very well! 😘

For ages 8+ but we play until very happy. Hahahaha. 🍣🍙🍥🍱

😒😒😒 this LTT very terrible.

Had so much fun and 5 hours legit felt like 5 minutes! Can we have another tea party soon girls?? Hehe.

#APWLTTZLNN our hashtag looks ridiculous 😂😂😂

Had a very good day at work today!! It's actually my very first official working day at the office ever since CNY break.

I was elated to be back at work. Is it break too long already. Hahaha. Gonna make this work week a good one!!

Just shot the photos for this Sunday's collection and what can I say?


Use emoji to say can?

Very pleased with the new backdrop!!!

The photos all turned out amazing. 🙌🏻 Can't wait to preview them here for you girls!

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