1 x act pouty selfie because I miss being on Dayre.

Hahahaha. 💕

Didn't have a particularly good week last week so I stayed off this space. Just wanted to let the negative vibes dissipate and wasn't really in the mood for anything social.

Sorry I didn't even check back on the comments I got on the last entry! 😩

The most social thing I did last week was probably to go to the gym. Lol. I can be a hermit crab sometimes.

But the good vibes are back on and so I'm back. Hehe.

Off to the gym before I come back and give this space a good update!

HIIT killed me.


Had a really good lunch with the team last Thursday at Seng Kee. I love love love their herbal mee sua!! So comforting. Was hoping that it would be a rainy day cause more shiok to eat soupy stuff hahahah but that day turned out really sunny. ☀️🙄

And also!! Please order the salted egg chicken if you ever go. Iz da bombz…!!! 💣

Also caught up with the JC girlies!

My memory is terrible. One of them mentioned about a trip which we all took to Genting during our uni days and my mind was a total big fat blank. Hahahaha. They kept throwing out details about the trip then I vaguely remember. LOL. Signs of old age.

*shakes head*

Saturday was spent watching Logan (super good loved it BUT totally didn't expect the high level of violent content hahaha) and dinner at Oriole with another girlfriend of mine!

So happy we managed to catch up after so long!!

Going around making my friends meet me for meals now that work is slowly getting back on track. Can't do without quality time with those close ones! 🤗

Then I had a sleepless Saturday. Which was terrible because I was supposed to wake up at 4am on Sunday for bridesmaid duty!

My body clock needs some adjusting. Grrr.

But anyway!

The #sohgootoseeyou wedding was definitely my highlight of the week. (Ain't their hashtag the cutest!!!) Nothing beats seeing my close friends find their happiness and love.

Sent this to ZL before I left for bridey's house at 5.30am.

Really is 7 early 8 early. So dark. 😂

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of the groom's party.

They did the loud honking as they drove in, much to the dismay of the sleeping neighbourhood I suppose. Lol.

Funniest segment of he gatecrash – making the groomsmen wear mouth guards and making them say sentences to the groom so that the groom can repeat them to the bride who was watching them live on Facetime. 😂

The groom was creative with his angbaos. Lolol. Got all kinds of rubbish. 4D slips with different numbers (none of which came out in the draw last night hahaha) and foreign currency!!

I didn't take many photos of the gatecrash tho. Too early for my brain to function + was busy doing bridesmaidy stuff.

Did my nails just for the wedding!!

"Eh my nails nice?? 😊"

"These look like you put glue on your nails, walked into a confetti party and the confetti got stuck on your nails."


But okay la very imaginative. Hahahaha.


These are her wedding nails! Hahahaha.

Ugh too bad we forgot to take a nails photo together!

Filled with so much happiness for my friends.


Sorry gotta cut off two of my friends' faces cause Dayre cannot post landscape photos. 😪

This was taken after tea ceremony at the groom's house!


And guess who caught the bridal bouquet again??? 😂😂😂

We got a room to ourselves for freshening up post gatecrash and right before the lunch.


So surreal to see my friends all getting married and settling down one by one. 10 years ago, who would have thought! And omg, it has been 10 years already. 😭😭😭

We all managed to get our plus ones to don on jackets too. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Some by coercion, some using subtle peer pressure and some cooperated willingly. But yay we did it!! Hahahah.



As usual, me and my mysterious Mr Heart Eyes Emoji man.


My new phone wallpaper!

Friend sent over this candid shot because I told them I wanted paparazzi photos HAHAHAHAHA and I totally don't remember what made me laugh but I guess it was something he said.


He makes me laugh like that a lot. Not so glam but it's okay. I'm happy. 🤗

Had a really good end to my weekend and now I'm waiting for the coming weekend. It's a cycle that never ends. Haha.

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