Happy International Women's Day!!! 💋

Quite a couple of things going on in conjunction with IWD today that I wanna share.. But I'm rushing for an appointment now so gimme a while to gather my content!


Technically, I'm only previewing Sunday's items on Thursdays but… I CAN'T WAIT.

This piece is everything I love. LOVE.


Grabbed a quick lunch of salmon + soba at Wheat with @jongsy!

I've been good at making better choices for my diet lately and with working out 3 times a week, I feel good about my body right now.


Being a girl comes with #girlproblems like feeling shitty about your body sometimes, or having bad hair/face days. But most of the time, being a girl is pretty awesome.

Anddd for the first time ever, #TTR is doing something for IWD! 😍

Not discount related tho hahaha sorry guys. Cause I thought that shouldn't be the main point and message that I wanna convey!

Decided to do up a editorial featuring Irina because feminism is an issue which she feels strongly about. And I thought it'll be interesting to hear what she has to say.

It was pretty last minute but props to Irina for being so quick and adorably enthusiastic about this editorial!! And also, really proud of my team for pulling this off.

Look out for our mailer this evening to see the full editorial! 😍👌🏻

You'll also be able to steal a peek at our team's picks from this week's collection.

This is our first campaign since a new addition to our marketing team. 🙌🏻 Can't wait to push out more campaigns in the next few months!

On a discount related note for IWD, 20% off Keds sneakers, anyone? 💕🎉

Hop over to my IG post at @joycesayshello to find out moreeeee! 👌🏻

You can get Keds shoes at both The Social Foot and Royal Sporting House stores, and the discount is applicable at both, valid from now till 17 Mar.

This is super cute. I like the platform because it gives me that little bit of added height!

And it's the sweetest baby pink with tiny bits of rose gold flecks which is damn gorg irl!!

Also, this pretty pair of Keds X Kate Spade I featured previously on my #ootd is also available in stores for the 20% discount.

Gotta love the cute cobalt blue tassels against the colourful stripes. Def one of my favourite pairs from what the Keds team sent over! 👌🏻

Really like how all the colours play off on each other! Can see myself wearing this pair often with all my denim pieces. Heh. 🤗

I couldn't be happier to be working with Keds.

Sneakers/loafers and the likes will always be my choice of footwear because they are so so comfy and goes with so many TTR pieces!

ZL always goes "you got how many pair of sneakers huh?" 😂😂

Fun fact – on our first date, I wore a pair of white sneakers. He took one look at my feet and managed to guess that I'm a size 6. Hahaha.

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