After his workout. 🏃🏻

"Eeee you're a sticky boy."

"You're the sticky one."

"You're literally sticky. I'm figuratively sticky. 😬"

"Yes you are haha"

But I clung on to him nonetheless. Despite the stickiness and smell. LOLLLL.

I was actually pretty adamant that I won't be meeting him yesterday since we were practically in each other's face the entire weekend. But guess who went over to look for him after work yesterday? 😂

Dragged him out to White Sands so that I could get some dinner. Decided on Soup Spoon cause we #healthyliving nowadays. Hahahah. Salads all day errday. Fruits and yogurt for breakfast. I still need my coffee tho.

And then we spent the rest of the night Netflix-ing. Caught Blood Diamonds and it was so good!!! I suck at doing movie reviews but ya please go watch if you haven't.


LOL 😂😂😂

This is my dream retirement job – making tutu kuehs. Hahahaha. Looks damn fun please.

Having cravings for this so I'm buying some to share with @jongsy! Love that the auntie is so generous with the fillings. 😍

Last minute stuffing of the luggage ongoing.

Gonna head to the airport in a couple of hours and we're as usual, not 100% ready. Hahahah. Oh well. What's new. 💁🏻

Her reluctance to let us leave the house is very obvious.


Very excited while making plans for the rest of Mar and Apr!!

So many things to look forward to once I get back from work trip. 🤗💕

First up shall be seeing ZL on Sunday because this Sunday marks our first date anniversary. Hahaha. Yaa I keep track of silly dates like this. Anything also can anniversary. No lack of excuses for celebrations. Hehe.

And then iLights with the sisters next week!!!

Looking forward to the flight cause I downloaded shows on my Netflix app.

Gonna start on Zoo and Stranger Things cause I heard good things about them!


Fantastic Beasts is available on SQ entertainment system!!!! Should I watch omg omg.

Scored this very pretty choker set from Zara while doing pre-flight shopping!


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