Work Trip/Shopping Trip???

Weather here, so awesome. It's good to be escaping the heat from SG. 😌

Is it work trip turned shopping trip. 😂😂😂

The guilt is real because… I bought three pairs of shoes. 😩

Well. Couldn't say no to this because SO COMFY.

Couldn't say no to the Nike because I need a new pair of running shoes and it was the last pair in my size.

Couldn't say no to this other random pair of sneakers because well… it's in the chioest shade of satin nude pink!

Bye. Off to deal with my guilt now.

The pair of Nike running shoes I got because it was "the last pair in my size". Wanted a black/white pair to replace my spoilt ones but these are 😍😍😍!


I was sold once I tried them on!

Gonna hit the gym in these!

LOL. Putting them to the test immediately. 💁🏻

Short 45 minutes at the gym but it was a good workout! 💪🏻💦

Hehe sorry for spamz but I LOVE MA SHOES!! Gonna wear them out for dinner later. 💕

Shun bian show you all our upcoming denim jacket + extremely chio eyelash lace spag top. 😌😌😌

Samples are all looking fab!! Looks like it's a fruitful work trip this time round. Whoppee.

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