Founder’s Faves II

Hello lovely Dayre friends!!

Sunday's looking good. Waiting for ZL to be back from his football game while I caught up on my zzz. 😴

Enough of zzz and so here I am! Just in time to do a quick run through of my favourite items from tonight's collection. Heh.

It's another Founder's Faves collection so I gotta warn you… Lots of gushing ahead.

#TTR #thetinselrack

Remember the Bondi Flowy Pants

Which I seem to

Can't stop wearing…?

It's practically an item which I wear on a weekly basis!

This time round, I picked three very wearable and everyday colours to remake it in.

Now I have a grand total of 6 of the same pair of pants in my wardrobe. But they are so well deserving of the space! So comfy!! So soft!! If you had owned a piece from the first series you would know what I'm blabbering on about. 😌

The new colours we have this time round!! Of course I would pick this colour, right??

And black. So good for work!

I was working at the store during the CNY period of one of you suggested black to me. Thank you whoever you are!!

And my ultimate favourite colour from this collection – Dove Grey!


Before you ask me.. The top is from Zara. Lol. Got a few of you asking about it on my IG!

Do note that sizing runs slightly bigger for the pants this time round (ugh stupid factory and their inconsistencies) so please check out the measurements and size down if needed!

Also, in this collection, I am sharing with you guys two of my "airport" dresses!

I have a repertoire of dresses which I keep aside to wear on flights.

My criteria for them are that they must be made of soft material, non restrictive, fuss free and at least midi length. The best part is, they don't look off if you pair them with flip flops. Haha. My choice of footwear for short flights! Long flights I would still wear shoes la.

Then I'd throw on a knit cardi/denim jacket/leather jacket/scarf depending on how long the flight duration is. And I'm good to fly!! ✈️

LOVEEEE THAT IT COMES WITH SLEEVES. For days when I'm feeling a lot more self conscious of my arm flabs lolol.

This dress comes in XS to XL, for your reference. 😊

Haha sorry you're gonna be seeing this colour a lot in Founder's Faves.


I'm definitely having a soft spot for grey this week tho… 😍

As you can already guess, I kept all colours for this dress. Hehh.

It's the perfect weekend dress cause it's so nuaaaaa I love it.

Also happens to match my favourite pair of Keds sneakers!


Another one of my airport essential dress.

This dress is made of the same awesome material that is used for Bass Wrap Front Romper and the dress I just previewed above.

My favourite go-to basic dress! πŸ€—

Dis grey so pretty. 😍

Really ended up wearing this to catch my flight home yesterday. Paired with a knit throwover because GZ was 20 degC. ⛄️

The last item of this week is really cute.

And I mean really cute.

Never thought it would be my style but in the recent months I've developed a liking for the babydoll cut. ☺️☺️☺️

It's so flattering…?! Makes the body proportion so awesome with legs looking way longer than they actually are. 😍

Did it in very basic colours. Now that I think about it, maybe I should have picked more summery colours huh?

But izokay, basic colours can't go wrong!

Threw a midi skirt on and this combination surprisingly works for a dressier look.

On a weekend or a day to the beach, I would opt for my trusty denim shorts. ❀️

And okay one last thing to get you all excited about…

We're working with Moist Diane this collection to give away samples for their newest haircare range – Moroccan Argan Oil!

Brought a few along for my work trip and I was really impressed. I've used Moist Diane shampoos from their botanical series before but this works the best, by far. Idk if it's the Moroccan Argan Oil working it's magic but my unruly bleached hair didn't get tangled much like it usually would be. ✨

Definitely gonna be getting this shampoo + conditioner set for my own use at home!!

We're giving away samples so those of you who buy from our collection today will get to try it too. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

See you at 8pm tonight!!!

Ugh, my bad. There's also the Layla Ruffles Top in a new colour – black!!


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