First Date Anniversary 🌹

Slow weekends are bae.

I feel so happy and recharged from the weekend. Welcoming this week with open arms and heart!

Started my weekend with a really productive workout. Did some lats exercises, 100 burpees and ran 4km!


And am gonna go for a post dinner jog later. After my food baby goes away. LOL.

Very pleased that I'm somewhat disciplined when it comes to working out nowadays.

And as always, workouts are made better in my pieces from Vivre Active! I picked out a few pieces from their store last Nov and since then I've been wearing them almost weekly.

This design here is particularly a favourite of mine because it's a sports bra and tank combined in one!

So so so convenient. 😍

And I had a couple of fellow gym user who actually came up to me asking me where I got my top from.

Had some pretty awesome taro pie at the Guangzhou airport before we flew home from work trip!


And also, I completed season 1 of Zoo. SO GOOD. Please put it on your to-watch list on #Netflix!! Can't wait for season 2!!

After I touched down on Saturday evening, I went home to put down my luggage and then went over to Pasir Ris to glue myself to ZL for whatever was left of the weekend. Hahahahaha. 😂 JOKINGGGG.

Swear I was gonna rest at home on Saturday and let him have his own plans. But he asked me if I wanted to meet and well…. #clingygirlfriend couldn't say no to that.

He listed a few options that we could have for dinner and I picked Seng Kee cause I was craving for some comforting, soupy food.

I actually had a couple of dinner places in mind which were in his list as well. Could be that I've suggested them before but it's nice that he remembers what I've said. 🤗💕

Woohoo. So I had my mee sua for my homecoming meal!

We had a nice stroll along the Tanjong Rhu area after dinner. It was a nice, quiet stretch of waterfront which oversees the National Stadium, with the Singapore Flyer as our backdrop.

"Shit I'm running out of romantic places to bring you already."

"It's okay next time I can bring you also."

"I don't wanna go places like Bishan park leh…"

For the record I wasn't gonna bring him there la… But what's wrong with Bishan park??! 😒

It was midnight when we left and got into the car.

Omg it's 19 March! Happy First Date Anniversary! 🎉

I think he finds it mildly amusing that I keep track of dates like that. But I'm sentimental/bo liao like that. Heh.

I don't expect a real celebration or gifts or anything. To me, these specific dates are a reminder of how far we've come. It's funny in nostalgic way, whenever we talk about our first date etc.

So far we've "celebrated" our Tinderversary, First Date Anniversary… 😂 I think next would be Hand Holding Anniversary. ✊🏻 LOL.

I initially wanted to spend Sunday at Bugis since that was where we went for our first date… But he was craving for Tanuki Raw so we ended up in town instead.

"Can I pick your outfit for you today?"

"Okay. What?"

"Do you remember what you wore for our first date? Can you wear that pleaseeeee."

Obviously he didn't remember what he wore because he's such a guy. Lol. But I remembered that he wore a pink-ish shirt with khaki pants, to which he said that I was being creepy for remembering. 😂

I was totally NOT being creepy please. I just happen to have excellent memory when it comes to what people wear since it's pertinent to what I do for a living?! Hahaha.

But anyway. I also wore the same outfit I wore a year ago.

Thank goodness it still fits well. 😂😂😂

I was surprised I could still find these in my wardrobe. Maybe I should keep it and wear it every year on 19 March. Lolol.

"I feel like my fashion sense became better in the past year…"

"I think it's due to my influence la…. 😗"

"Why dyou say so?"

"Cause I'm the only change in your life for the past year what."

"So my weight gain is also because of you la?"

"Errrrr. No. That's not my credit." *shifty eyes*


Forgot what this was called but it's pretty good! The sashimi slices were plump and fresh.

The foie gras truffle beef bowl is my all time favourite.


We also ordered a side of spam fries which we majorly regretted. Waste of calories grrr.

Caught Beauty and The Beast 🌹 after dinner. Definitely not his choice of movie but he bo bian cause he lost a bet. Actually not a bet. But he lost to me in the game of Battleship. Hahahaha.

So I got to pick two movies for us to watch together! 😎✌🏻

Of course cannot waste this rare opportunity. Must make him watch all the girly shows! LOL.

He was telling me that he would probably fall asleep while watching it since it's a musical. And I told him adamantly, "nono, it's not a musical!"

And we burst out laughing when the characters burst into song in the very first scene.


I took back my words. LOL.

I enjoyed the movie overall (I think he did too….. haha) but there was too much singing for my liking. Not the biggest fan of musicals here ya. And it was a mistake to watch it with someone who isn't into musicals LOL because in my heart I was like "oshit why are they singing AGAIN??!!!" whenever the singing starts.

It was so booked in every cinema tho!! We were extremely lucky to have snagged the only two seats in the last few rows at Suntec.

And then we took the train home together after the movie. 🤗

So that was how we spent our 366th day since the first date.

We didn't do anything remarkably special but I felt so contented and happy, just having him hold my hand and being right beside me. ❤️

And honestly I don't even feel like it has been a year already, because time is such an inconsequential concept when we're together.

Monday morning got off to a great start with me sending him to the train station for work and lots of hugs.

The cycle of looking forward to the weekend starts again. But it shall be an awesome week ahead cause I have so many activities planned! 🎉

If Monday hasn't gone all that well for you, here's a little something from us in light of International Happiness Day!

Yep. Such a day actually legit-ly exists.

Hehe. You can use the 5 points in your account to offset $5 from your next purchase or accumulate it to reach/upgrade your membership!


Stay happy, y'all!

#thetinselrack #TTR

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