Slept for 12 straight hours from 9pm to 9am and I'm still tired wtf… Is it something wrong with my body. 😩😴

And I already had my coffee. Ugghh.

Happy with how my hair is today!

But ermmmm hahaha look at this ZL. 😠

No matter how I dye my hair he also cannot tell leh. Maybe I always look perfect in his eyes??? #delusional LOL

April is going to be a whole new level of crazy at work for me.

We have to shift out of a grand total of 3 places.


Both our office spaces (yeah we have two units!) are facing expiring leases and at the same time, we have decided to not continue with our Citylink pop up store. Which also is ending in April.


But anyhoo.

I believe new and better things will come along. Just gonna grit my teeth and push through with the hell month of April. I'm sure I can do it with my team!!

We're doing a mini clearance sale at the Citylink store from now till 2 April! πŸŽ‰

30% off every second item!

All the new items are in store too… Head on down to grab yourselves some awesome deals! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»βœ¨

What's for lunch today.

Mighty glad that I was disciplined and swapped Koi for this! That almost never happens but today I was lazy to queue for Koi since I was the only one who wants it.

Was having major cravings for Stuff'd so we drove over to Paya Lebar Sq before work to dabao. It's so wholesome and the chicken is sooooo gooooood. 😍 The server dumped too much Habanero sauce today tho. My mouth felt like it was on fire from start to end. πŸ”₯

Very proud of myself for being rather clean when it comes to my diet lately. Woohoo.

Gonna grocery shop and get ingredients to make salads later! πŸ₯—πŸ₯—πŸ₯—

Got myself my favourite from Boost – Skinny Dip!

Not thaaaat healthy a choice but once in a while should be okay la right. Hahaha.

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