Mad For Garlic 😍👌🏻

Because hoop earrings are lyfeeeeee. 😍 Especially when they come in a rose gold finish!

Altho I always have this irrational fear that someone will accidentally tug on it and rip my entire earlobe apart. LOL.

Was doing some personal shopping for earrings on my work trip for TTR and found really pretty ones! Decided to bring them back and sell them on my personal Shopee for fun. Heh. Will list them up when I have time!

Not the clearest photo but will you look at the cute starry earring which fits so perfectly into the curves of my ear??? 😍

I'm obsessed with hunting down the perfect earring for my helix piercing and yay I managed to find a couple this time round!

Also, bought a lot of dainty and minimal looking Korean designed ear studs! Can't wait to share them!

Gonna up my eyelash game with these!

I'm a huge fan of Heroine Make's mascaras because they are so natural, long lasting and the lengthening effect is just ace. But then, it's such a pain to remove them. And I lazy to buy their specific mascara remover.

But this one here apparently can remove with lukewarm water cause it's a film that coats your eyelashes!

And the eyelash serum because my browhaus one is finishing.

Very long never #dayrebeauty hehe.

So excited for dinner with the friends at Mad For Garlic later!!!

Editing photos but keep thinking about food. 😩

Was craving for something chocolatey just now and bought this from the mini mart downstairs.

Didn't expect too much since it's off the shelf kind of brownies BUT WOOOOWW I was pleasantly surprised.



It's really as per what was on the packaging… Super fudgey, moist, chewy and decadent. And got 4 pieces inside for real. 😂

I love chewy brownies in a huge way and my favourite so far is Posh brownies but it's such a hassle to get them because they aren't the most accessible.


I like that it came in 4 bite size pieces, so convenient to pop into my mouth while working. Lolol. Altho snacking is damn bad for the waistline… But these brownies make me so so happy. Sigh. 😍

The best thing is, only $1.80 and I can get them whenever I crave for them. Yay. ✌🏻 So glad I decided to give this a try!

Took more than 2 bites to polish this off tho. Hahaha. Must slowly savour my brownie. 😂😂😂

Can't decide if I should drive to dinner because it's at Suntec and I hate parking there grrrrr.

Side note – mascara is holding up well!! No smudges spotted even tho I brushed my lower lashes as well!

The garlic smells sooooo good. It's a good thing I'm not meeting ZL today hahahaha.

I could smell the garlic from 20m away, even before I stepped into the restaurant!


Garlic Snowing Pizza!

We thought that the "snow" would come in the form of garlic but nupz, it was shreds of cheese instead. Hahaha.

I like that it came with thin crust! Thick crust pizzas are sooo filling. This was the first dish that was served so I remembered it tasted good. Altho it was possibly so cause we were all hungry, haha.

Garlicky Rice (i think???) which was very mediocre. Like fried rice with extra sauce and lots of garlic. The abundance of fried garlic made it taste better than it does tho. I LOVE GARLIC!!

Triple Seafood Pasta – this was my favourite out of all! We requested for it to be less spicy tho. And it turned out just nice. A tad oily but I suppose that's normal for aglio olio style pastas!

Woohoo ribeye steak. Was pretty decent! I hardly ever order steaks but it seems like that's one of their specialties, so we went for it!

LOLOL they really just spam the garlic only. Mad For Garlic indeed. 😂 There were fried garlic bits, cloves of garlic and minced garlic. Enough to ward of an entire army of vampires.

The most expensive item out of all that we ordered.. This was $40+ if I recall correctly!


Bill came up to around $135 for four of us, which is reallyyyy affordable because we also ordered two beers and one glass of wine. We were also really stuffed by the end of the meal.

So… I've used 10 offers and saved USD 169 so far. Not bad!! Considering I only paid 98 for both #EntertainerApp and Cheers. Haven't utilised anything from Cheers yet but I will, soon!

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