It felt like this week passed in a flash.

What's in store for me today:

– Gym (already omw!!)
– Grocery shopping
– Lunch meeting
– Photoshoot
– iLights !!!!!!

Ya okay I think that's all. My very fulfilling Friday. 👌🏻

Ended my workout this morning by climbing 25 storeys. Such a gorgeous view to start my morning!! And yez I live right beside the expressway.

Breakfast done ZL-style.

Yay because the berries are so sweet. Those plump blueberries and cute little Korean strawberries make me so happy.

My usual breakfast style is peanut butter bread with a cuppa coffee. Not the healthiest but they are my comfort food!

But since I went to the gym today, shall be a little healthier with my food choices! Don't wanna let the calories burnt go to waste.

Was looking forward to checking out iLights all week but now I just feel all sorts of nua. Like don't wanna move my butt out of the house kind of nua.

When I'm out, I wanna be home. When I'm home, I wanna head out.

What is this…… 😩

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