Not in the mood to update recently because I'm starting to feel the pressure of April upon me. 😩😩😩

Shifting out of Citylink next week and shifting out of both our office units by the end of the month.

Which means I gotta pick and settle on a unit to move to by end of this week, so that I can start reno asap because usually we get one month rent free period and I don't wanna waste that.

Thinking about packing and moving gives me a colossal headache.

The amount of stuff we have in the office is no joke.

One office is enough of a headache but two is just….. UGH.

On a brighter note, we went viewing yesterday and shortlisted 3 out of 12 units!

Yepp. Was one hell of a tiring viewing session. 12 units in 3 hours and not all of them within the same building. Lol. So knackered by the end of 3 hours.

I feel excited to be able to do up a new workspace but at the same time, the dread is real. So conflicting.

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