The Monday-est Monday

Been sitting in the store for the past 30 minutes but my movers are nowhere to be seen. WHERE ARE YOU GRRRRRR.

I can't believe the shitty luck I've been having trying to even find a mover to help me shift everything out today. And yes it has to be specifically today early in the morning. No time extension allowed.

Feel so bad that ZL woke up at such an unearthly hour just so that we can leave the house together.

If I had known that the movers were gonna be so late… We could have slept in. The rainy weather is so perf for snoozing. Sigh. But on the bright side, tis gonna be a short week cause we're doing a staycay on Friday!

My bright spot of light at the end of the shitty tunnel that is this entire week.



Going, going, gone.


One down, two to go!

Next two weeks are gonna be jam packed with renovations + packing up the old offices… Then it will be fresh two years at the new space. βœ¨πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

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