So happy after watching one of my fav YouTuber's q&a on her wedding!! They're one of the couples on social media which I feel are very genuine and not putting it out there just for the sake of viewership.

I don't really follow couples on social media because it can be quite pretentious but they really #couplegoals please. Just look at the way Marcus looks at her in the video!! 😍

Really can feel their happiness and love for each other radiating from my laptop screen ugghhh so sweet hahaha.

She also posted a vlog of her proposal and I like how it wasn't scripted and entirely meant for the camera!

She also posted a boyfriend tag vid which was quite interesting. Lol. The channel's Kristin Johns! She also does beauty and outfits but my fav vids are of her and Marcus obviously heh.

Okay bye off to gym now!

Just sent this to ZL and told him "UHU glue not sticky enough, I'll use superglue."


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