New Office SpaceʉϬ

It's Monday!!

So my crazy April is officially gonna start. But I've had the best kinda weekend so everything's good. 😇😌

Heading to meet my agent rn to get the keys for the new space… Can't wait to start putting together ideas for how the office is gonna look like. Whooppppp. 🎉

I love fresh new beginnings. Especially when fresh beginnings come with plenty of natural light.


One of my requirements when I look for a space has to be how the light fills the space. Bright and pretty spaces give me inspiration when it comes to creative work.

Offices with no windows are def a big no. It's difficult to find one which can meet our criteria but so glad we settled on this one!

Putting these up on my Shopee very, very soon!

In case you haven't seen this on #TTR's IG…. Here you go! Only till 12 Apr so be sure to check out before that yeah?

On a related note, we're giving away a pair of Keds to you and your sister because it's Siblings' Day!

If you don't have a sister, tag your bestie!!

Go find out how to win this cute pair of Minnie Mouse Keds sneakers on TTR's IG! Contest runs till 12 Apr as well. 😘👌đŸģ

Dinner today was Teppei's Kaisendon because we went shopping at Ion! I'm predictable like that – my go-to meals will almost always be either this or Soup Spoon's Tokyo Chicken Stew. Lol.

Saw that they were having Spicy Sesame sauce for limited time only and went for that. Thought too lightly of the triple chilli rating and OMG IT WAS SO SPICY. ☚ī¸ Should have stuck to my standard order! Lolol. But oh well one more excuse to share a Boost with @jongsy after dinner. 💁đŸŧ

Was so tempted to get this while shopping at Zara.

Snapped this and sent to ZL and he said he thought I sent him a photo of a rat. 😂😂😂 He dk fashun plz. TSK.

Was in the mood to buy something today so I did a quick one around Sephora since I had a discount to utilise.

YAY WENT HOME WITH A NEW BLUSH AND NEW EYESHADOW PALETTE FROM TOO FACED! 😍🙌đŸģ Very excited to try them out on my face.

More pictures tomorrow!

And also, NTS, need to update about staycay asap.


Aren't they the cutest?????

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