A 🍕 my heart


We feasted on Pizza Hut for office lunch today!!!


They very kindly offered to send the Aloha Big Box over and since the girls were craving for pizza, I got them to send it over for lunch.

What's in the box:

🍕 1 x Regular Hawaiian Supreme
🍝 1 x Curry Baked Pasta
🐣 4pcs Chicken Tenders
🍗 8pcs Honey Roasted Wings
🥖 6pcs Cinnamon Breadsticks


Breadsticks with cinnamon, sugar and condensed milk drizzled all overrrrr. 😋


My most successful boomerang thus far LOL 😘👌🏻

Of course I had to make a pun out of it.


Stole a few snaps of my outfits these two days from IG stories!

Going for the OL look today but ummmm fail because shoulders not covered + slit too high hahaha.

#thetinselrack #TTR

Same print but in a dress!

The back details stole a 🍕 my heart. HAHAHAHA.

Okay okay I stop. ✋🏻

Will post proper photos of these so that you can get a better look!

Today's lippie is 07 Nude-ist from Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet.

I really like the soft and velvety texture of this lipstick series but I have a major grouse. All the shades are so pink. 😩 Which doesn't sit right on my skin tone. At all. Sighpie.

Can they come up with shades which are warmer please? Like. Terracotta.

I've had this for the longest time and finally decided to give it a try today. #dayrebeauty

Pink and my lips are not friends. ☹️

I think I'll end up passing this along to @jongsy again, as with the other Bourjois lippies I bought. Lol. Sad life.

But anyways, this is matte but totally not drying. And the staying power is quite impressive too! Still there after my pizza meal. 🙌🏻

In other news, I just updated my Shopee account! ✨

All of them are actually "by-products" of my personal shopping spree hahaha. Bought some earrings and necklaces for myself during the last work trip and shun bian brought in some to sell cause buy more cheaper. 😂

Anyway. They are all very chio and veryyyyy affordable! Hop over to my Shopee now > @joycesayshello is my account.

Every single design come in very limited pieces and I don't do restocks, so hurry ah.

The last round of earrings I put up sold out so fast!! Lol. I told Jo "seeeeee now I got legit reason to shop for myself hahaha." So I was allowed to go for another round of shopping on our prev work trip.

Shopaholic always finding excuses to shop. Daz me.


Come lemme show you what I just uploaded! I'm obsessed with mismatched earrings. And also, helix earrings which fit so nicely into the curve of my ears.


This dangly star one is also up for sale now!

Dis ma favvvvv out of all!! 💫

I never had any particular liking towards star shaped items until recently… Which explains why you'll be seeing them quite a bit this time round. Lolol. Stars are so cute!

And yaaaas hoop earrings are a must!

I also posted up rose gold hoop earrings which come in 3 diff sizes! 🎉

This is also one of those which I kept! 💓

Hitting the gym in an hour and ugh just realised this morning that I didn't push myself hard enough during spin class yesterday because…

I DIDN'T WAKE UP WITH ACHING LEGS. I like the feeling of waking up with a sore body. Like every single movement will exacerbate the soreness kind. Lol is it I masochist. 😂

But anyway. I WILL WORK HARD AT THE GYM LATER! It's a session with my PT anyway, he never lets me have it easy. Grr.

As promised, my #ootd!! I got a feeling I'll be Netflix-ing my life away post gym. 🌚 LOL.

I really, really adore loose fitting long dresses like this. I feel the most comfortable in such outfits. The kind that I won't be in a hurry to change out of when I reach home, yknow?

Design is meant to be low back (super love unique back details like this) BUT BUT BUT you can sew in the straps and make them shorter if you can't be bothered with stick-on bras. Else you can always try bra extenders. They work like magic for me!

And lol my tan lines from last weekend's sunbathing are pretty obvious.

I wish I was born like that… Blond hair with skin this exact shade of tan. Hahaha. Artificial one need time and effort to upkeep. 😂

Today's outfit, as @jongsy always says, is very "me".

Homaigod I really look very tanned in this series of photos. Hahaha. 💁🏼 Why isn't there an emoji with tanned skin and blond hair???

❤️❤️❤️ so much love for this skirt that I wanna make this in solid colours too!!

This week, our collection features three designs made with this pleated colourblock fabric (comes in 3 diff colours) and also… NEW COLOURS FOR BLANC SWING DRESS.

I was at the store a couple months back and a customer suggested bringing back Blanc in Black. So we did too, this time round! 🎉

Have the best (long) weekend, you lovely people!

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