Good Good Friday + Staycay at Warehouse Hotel ❤️

Hello, all you beautiful people. ✨ The long weekend is finally upon us!

Just got home from ZL's place and I'm so excited for my plans this long weekend!

Popped over to his place last night after gym and poor boy was feeling sick. I tried my best to make him feel better but ugh I think I just suck at taking care of people in general. ☹️ Before he fell asleep he was mumbling about wanting to eat fries and pizza. Such a kid. LOL.

But he woke up feeling all better this morning so yay!

Looking forward to a freshly groomed bun later!


While waiting to pick the 🐰 up, we popped by the new space to take measurements and also plan out the layout!

Errr haha sorry for my noob drawing, I obviously fail at D&T. Hahaha. It was one of my worst subjects in sec school man… I remember getting 3/20 for my 2D/3D drawing test. 😂👌🏻

Chanced upon this pretty little garden area as we were exploring the carpark!

😍😍😍 美美

Smelling good and looking cute after grooming!

Feeling accomplished today because I also managed to get grocery shopping done for the upcoming weekend. Gonna make salad for the fam! 🙌🏻

Yes my shopping basket looks very green. And that Lindt bar right there is my guilty indulgence. Hehe. 😌

Three errands completed in one afternoon, whee!

And yes, I am finally getting down to updating about that staycation I went on last weekend. Very productive Good Friday I'm having!

So last weekend, we took a short break from reality… 🤗

We usually spent plenty of quality time together every weekend la I admit… LOL.

But it's been some time since our last vacation so it was awesome that we got to go on this staycation, especially since our next holiday will only fall in June.

And!! It's our first staycation together!

Staycation started on Friday because both of us took leave. I had to apply for leave from my 小老板 also okay. Hahaha.

Someone got held up so I checked in and went to check out the room first. Got trigger happy because the lighting on point lolol. ✌🏻

Selfie time while waiting for my Zilong. 😂😂😂😂 I think he's stuck with this name on my Dayre for good. HAHAHA.

I actually got the chance to do a tour around Warehouse Hotel and saw many pretty photos of it on my IG, so I was really psyched for the stay! They're a newly established hotel by the Lo & Behold Group, open for less than 3 months I think.

Uhhh we were both so excited that we couldn't sleep properly the night before. Hahaha.

My favourite part of the room.

My sleep on this bed was unrivalled I tell you! Slept like a baby. That two precious nights of uninterrupted good sleep was much needed.

We got the Riverview room and the lighting was so gorgeous.

The river view itself was nothing to write home about because it just looked muddy lor. Haha. A very sad looking river.

There, the river. Yellow yellow one. But I liked that we could see Robertson Quay from our room!

I had a lot of time to myself in the room while waiting so I went snapping away happily. The bathroom also #goals leh. I love the mood lighting so much.

Didn't bring my own toiletries because Ashley & Co. 😌🙌🏻

Pretty toilet calls for mirror selfie!

The embossed 小费 envelope so adorbz.


And it came with a handwritten + personalised note for us! (Yep I edited his name away using meituxx lol #boliao)

I thought this was a really nice touch. 😉

Explored the minibar and snooped around to see what they have… I like their offering! They have plenty of snacks with local origins, like the Golden Duck salted egg chips and Amuse teabags! 👌🏻

LOL they also have a selection of items for those who are erhem adventurous. Why would anyone buy a peacock feather for $6 tho??? 😂

Made myself a cuppa tea and slacked beside the window, enjoying the view of the not-so-nice river before my prince on shiny bike arrived. Told him to bring his bike so that we could get around conveniently during those two days.

Oh man haha this post is gonna be so long, I haven't even gotten to the part where he finally reaches.

Tea was really nice and smooth. And I love the ceramic mug!!

I even had time to do a #flatlay HAHAHAHA. Every corner of the room is so so aesthetically pleasing and so I couldn't help but to snap from every single possible angle.

There're only two levels at Warehouse Hotel and our room was on level 2. Took this photo from the balcony walkway. So so pretty. I really love the vibes of the hotel!

This reminds me of Wheeler's Yard, somewhat.

Sat at the lobby waiting for ZL.

So nice. When I have my own home I'll want it to look like this. Olive green and brown looks so understatedly classy together.

This is perfection. 😍

I could have sat at the lobby taking all these in 5eva but ZL got there after I sat there for a mere 5 minutes. Hahaha.

There are parking lots (albeit limited) at the hotel if you wanna drive there.

But actually, the hotel location is so convenient that most places we planned to visit are within 5 mins of cabbing distance or within walking distance. Public transport is pretty easy too!

Areas which we explored during our two-day stay:

– Great World City
– Chinatown
– Tiong Bahru

And Robertson Quay is just right across the river!

Gave him a room tour LOL before we headed out for some light food at GWC. I didn't have lunch so I initially wanted proper food. But he told me he made reservations for dinner 😌🤗 and suggested grabbing a quick snack so that I have room for dinner.

And Grab was having a special promo that week ($5 off 7 rides) so we grabbed practically everywhere and our rides were all free because all nearby so <$5 woohoo feeling like a winner HAHAHA. 🎉

Walked around GWC, decided on Toast Box because peanut butter toast iz lyf, wandered into a weird homeware shop and had fun looking at products which doesn't justify the price tags, and then we went back to the hotel for a short rest before changing up for dinner!

On the way to dinner. The sky looked really gorgeous that day.

At a Spanish restaurant called Binomio for dinner!

He's been going on about it for a while and told me sometime ago that he wanted to bring me there. I completely had no idea that he called ahead to make reservations for that night tho. ❤️

I left most of the ordering to ZL since he had been there once and had a couple of memorable dishes. We went for small plates mostly because I thought the paella would be too filling for both of us and I wanted variety.

He said that the paella was really good too. So if you visit in a bigger group you could give it a try!

We ended up choosing 5 dishes in total and I also got to pick a few which I thought sounded tasty based on what was described on the menu.

We were seated right beside the wine cellar. Hahaha. The restaurant had a good number of seatings but they were sooooo full. Good thing he made reservations! ☺️


Gonna be posting them according to how my tastebuds ranked them. Hahaha. My favfavvvvvv dish goes to this Pan Fried Crayfish wrapped with Iberian Pork and "Trinchat Potatoes".

I remembered to take a photo of the menu so yay, I have all the names! ✌🏻

The crayfish was insanely tender. And it worked well with the pork even tho I couldn't imagine how pork and crayfish would taste together. ZL really liked the potato bits!

Thought that they could have improved on the plating tho…. 😬

Slow cooked beef short ribs with carrot puree and marinated shallots – his top dish and my almost top dish.

This lost to crayfish because I love seafood, especially shellfish. Personal bias.

But this was really, really great. The beef just fell apart in my mouth the moment I put it in. SO AMAZING. We both enjoyed this dish immensely!

Veal cheeks meatballs with brussel sprouts and truffles mash.

The star of this dish is not the veal cheeks meatballs. Nor is it the truffle mash. It's the brussel sprouts guys!!!!!

We tried the meatballs and were like "oh…. okay lor not bad", moved onto the mash and "mmm truffle flavour not distinctive enough", popped the brussel sprouts in and 😱😱😱😱 "WAAA THIS IS DAMN GOOD".

They should change the name of the dish to "brussel sprouts with veal cheeks meatballs and truffle mash" instead.

Grilled bone marrow and aged beef steak tartare served with homemade toast.

Bone marrow is quite exotic tasting…. Idk how to describe the taste accurately. Haha. It was interesting since I've never had bone marrow before, but would I order this again? Maybe not.

This slimy looking thing is the… Chargrilled eggplant with baby eels and toasted garlic.

I had high hopes for this dish because I loveeeee eggplant and chargrilled vegetables in general. But this entire dish was too "nua". I think would have been nicer if they added some texture or crunchy bits. But I'm no food connoisseur so what do I know right. 😂

Disappointment of the night was this sad looking basket of bread which cost $6.

I love breads which restaurants serve but this was just… 😩

Spent slightly more than $170 for this meal and I felt so bad cause he didn't let me fork out a single cent for this. In fact, I didn't pay for any of the meals those 2 days.

I feel kinda weird having him pay for my meals whenever we go out… I very much prefer going dutch because it makes me feel squeamish when people pay for me.

So the next day before we headed for dinner, I asked him to let me get the bill.

"Ehhhh can I pay for dinner later please?"

"No don't worry I can get it."

"Huh but it makes me feel bad when you pay for me. Like really bad."

"Yaa good I wanted to make you feel bad. 😏"

ZL – 1, Joyce – 0

Ughhhh I guess this is his way of being sweet. 😩😩😩 but ughhh I can't stop feeling bad.

Got an overly sweet and overpriced pistachio gelato to share before catching Baby Boss!

I loved it but I guess animated movies are not his thang. Hahaha.

Breakfast the next morning at PO was a highly anticipated affair for us both!

We're huge fans of hotel breakfasts. Heh.

They have a small selection of pastries, juices and fruits. But the main breakfast is to be order from their ala carte menu.

Fresh juices and milk!

Tropical fruits wheeeee 🍍🍌🍉🍓🍎

I already knew what he was gonna put on his plate just one glance across the tables. Lol.

Not forgetting our healthy lifestyle even while on staycation!

But uhh hahaha we also ate a whole lot of other junk that weekend. Cheat weekend la okay. 😂

I got the Hearty English Breakfast. Which was pretty standard fare I guess.

He got the congee which was a way better choice!

We really wanted to try the bak kut teh the next morning but they didn't have any more of that cause we were pretty late. Sighhh. ☹️

Woohoo managed to grab this last yoghurt and fruits parfait! #cheapthrill hahaha.

And I'm sorry but it's gonna food, food and more food from here on. It was more a foodcation than staycation, tbh. LOL.

Went exploring the Maxwell Food Market and I finally got to try the famous 天天 chicken rice!

We went at an odd hour of 3pm for lunch, so the queue was extremely bearable. Yep they had a queue going on even at 3pm what in the world.

And because famous so they have one stall just for taking orders and collecting payment. Then you get a number and go collect your plate of chicken rice goodness from the stall beside.


We were both damn excited to try this. Also got queue. Got queue means the food damn nice, so we queued. Hahaha.

The 鱼片米粉 was divine. We slurped every bit of it and ended with an empty bowl. I would totally go back for this!!

We got the 双鱼 because I love my fried fish and he loves his sliced fish. Writing about this makes me wanna go back and have it like NOW. Missing it already! 😢

I'm no fan of chicken rice (don't ask me why) but this I happily chowed down. The chilli was good and the rice was fragrant! But a bit too oily for my liking. Haha. I wouldn't mind having this again, minus the queue.

And then we just chilled + walked around Chinatown and waited till dinner. Hahahaha. Really is #fatlife okay. Eat eat eat eat sleep eat eat eat eat.

Dinner on the second day was at Long Ji Zichar. They're known for their crab beehoon and that was exactly what we ordered.

This was also another place he tried before and wanted to bring me to. 💓 I really like it when I don't have to make decisions for food. Is it just me but I find it very aww when someone puts thought into planning where to bring me to for meals. Heh. 🤗❤️


This was their smallest crab already!

We were so certain that we couldn't finish this but we wiped everything clean. Not one drop of the broth was left. Hahaha.

This doesn't look the most appetising but I WAS MINDBLOWN after my first mouthful of just the beehoon.

I suck at food reviews because everything is either yummy or awesome BUT THIS WAS LEGIT THE BEST MEAL I'VE HAD IN RECENT YEARS.

So so so so good.

I'm already planning to bring my family here and also thinking of upcoming special occasions so that I have excuses to come back here again. Lolol.

Best to make reservations ahead if you wanna make a trip down, it was damn crowded!

Guess which idiot wore a white shirt on 🦀 eating day? Hahahah.

He took over completely after this happened, helped me de-shell the crab and gave me both the huge pincers cause those were meaty and easier to eat. Someone give him a medal please. 🥇

And then we had more food to end off the night.

This time round I brought him to a secret hideout to have his fav truffle fries.

We sat there with fries and drinks and chatted about random stuff for an hour or two before we headed back to the hotel. 🍟

The Warehouse Hotel looking absolutely gorgeous by nightfall. ✨✨✨

I suggested taking a quick walk along Robertson Quay before retiring for the night and I'm so glad we did even tho we were smashed from the entire day of walking (actually mostly eating but yaaaaa). So peaceful at night and we got to check out this view! 😍

Headed up to the infinity pool to get in a quick tan before we checked out the next morning.

The sun was blazing and we got nicely toasted within half an hour hahaha. Such a sweet end to our mini vacation at Warehouse Hotel.

Felt quite bummed after the staycay ended, cause it really felt like a real vacation. But oh well, we got more good things coming our way. Can't wait for June to come so that we can travel together again!

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