Good things only!

Hell week is here and I feel like I'm scurrying around every day with a million tasks to check off my to-do list.

We're moving in approximately two days and I feel mega unprepared!!!


But I'm sure everything will work out just fine.

✔️ Electricity and water supply are already up and running at the new unit + already terminated the supply at the old unit
✔️ Arranged for movers albeit we almost couldn't get any because we're so last minute LOL
✔️ Applied for Internet
✔️ Change of address done

I really ought to learn to plan in advance for the next big move. Or big whatever. It always comes down to the last minute which leaves me feeling extremely frazzled. 🌚

Not even feeling anything for the upcoming long weekend because it's gonna be burnt with all the unpacking and settling in at the new space.

Well. The good thing is I might drop some pounds with everything that's going on. HAHAHAHA. One can always be hopeful.

But thankfully, hell week got off to a pretty awesome start. 🙏🏻

One of the things which got my week off to a great start – returning home from work trip to this box filled with Mamonde goodness! ❤️❤️❤️

The first thing I did after I set my luggage down was to unbox this. Hahaha. Yay to new skincare and makeup to play with. 🎉

Thank you #Mamonde and Nic for sending this pretty box over. It really made coming home that much sweeter.

This box of highlight lip tints does look very pretty on my beauty stand, doesn't it? 😍

I was also very happy to receive the Rose Water Toner because the bottle which I bought from Korea last year was down to the last few drops and I was contemplating to repurchase it. So timely!


On the lips today:

– #3CE x Lily Maymac in Holy Rose
– Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint in Like Salmon

I thought that Holy Rose was a tad too reddish for my liking today so I layered Like Salmon over!

And it was a good thing I did too, Holy Rose was pretty drying and the lip tint made my lips look nicely moisturised. 😊

My lip colour today! 💋

The texture of the lip tint is more creamy than watery.. Not sure whether it wears sheer on the lips because I layered it, but the swatches on my arm looked pretty pigmented.

Not sure if they'll look good on me since I'm quite tanned, and the colours are rather bright. Will try them out over the next few days! 🤗

This lip colour… Makes me look quite fair eh? Heh.

If you're looking to try Mamonde's products or are already a user of their products, check out their exclusive sets on Lazada.

The April exclusive set featuring the set of highlight lip tint I got + a box of 4 x First Energy Firming mask set is ending soon, so grab it while you still can!

Also, I saw that they're having mystery grab bags of $30, $50 and $80… And with those you can enjoy savings between 50-100%. That's madness! 😨

Other stuff which made my start of week a whooping good one includes waking up beside my favourite face on Monday.

I really like gazing sleepily at his sleepy face.


Made my Monday a whole lot less blue for sure, even tho I knew so much work was waiting for me throughout the week.


This week I stepped on the weighing scale…

I lost 3kg over the last 2 months! 🎉🎉🎉

Almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the numbers on the weighing scale because it meant that I was back to my pre-relationship weight. 🎉🎉🎉 REJOICE!!!!!

I got @jongsy to go on the weighing scale just to be sure that the scale was accurate. Lol. #justincase 😂

I was over the moon. You have no idea how stubborn that 3kg were. Since last year leh gosh. Weight is so easy to gain but so difficult to lose grrrr.

It took me months of very conscientious healthy eating + working out.. I didn't wanna go on any crash diets because it wouldn't be sustainable.

Bread is still my weakness, though. Hahaha.

BEST NEWS IN APRIL FOR SURE!!!! 😭😭😭😭 (tears of joy)


I told ZL I'm heading for a jog at 9pm and he texted me "wanna go eat instead?"

This is what relationship weight is guys. 😂

Can't say no to seeing his face so yeahhhhhh I'm gonna go eat with him and jog afterwards. Hahahaha.

During dinner:

"Are you really gonna go run after this?"

"Yeah of course, I'm all dressed for running eh."

"I wish I could go run later too."

"You can!!"

"Huh cannot la got work to do."

"You can run through my mind. HAHAHAHA."


#shitisaytomyboyfriend LOL 😂🎉

Healthy food with my favourite people also makes me happy~

I'm glad my friends and @jongsy are always open to having healthy-ish food with me! I mean ya, you can always find healthy options almost everywhere you dine (even Macs and KFC HAHA) but it's easier to not get tempted when everything on the menu is healthy. That's my theory.

Monday at Haakon (at 313 Somerset) – which sounds like it might serve Thai food but SURPRISE it's a healthy food place hahaha.

Love the Lean Protein Platter I got. Their portions are very decent and they do their proteins well! Love the zoodles too!! My second time here and it def won't be my last.

BIG HELLO to the nice girl at the counter who served us that day… Jo told me you wrote an email in saying hi! 😘


And today's lunch at Wheat (Raffles City basement) with Cheryl!


Grabbed a Boost afterward and sat by the fountain just chatting. Thankful that I caught this girl just before she flies off to London.

LOL the free highlighter and blush that is called "post workout flush" 😂😂😂

It's been two weeks since I last ran because I was ill for the entire of last week. Feels so good to sweat it out!

Okay. I think I've got enough happy in my life to last me till the end of hell week.


When you have a punny friend who loves trolling you. @nakedglory


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