Happy Monday + Thoughts on singlehood

早安你好 ☀️

Had the best weekend and I'm raring to make the best out of this week!

My weekend outfit.

Literally wore this the entire weekend because I stayed over at ZL's and didn't bring along an extra set of "going out" outfit. 😶 No shame in repeating the outfit cause I love this Halia Lace Romper to death.

Still undecided about whether I should keep/cut the fringe. Time to pay Covo a visit again!

Happy girl is happy cause finally got to eat my Jin Hua fish soup!! 🐟

This is the best fish soup guys. The walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT was totes worth it.

Chanced upon this at Cold Storage and I love ittttttt. 😋

So thin so crispy so flavourful.

Wanna try the red chilli flavour next!

"Can we have Mos Burger for dinner please babe"

And my burger request got fulfilled. 🍔✨

It's been long since I've had this. And fries taste really good when you dunk them into corn soup even tho ZL gave me the 😨 face when I offered him soup drenched fries.

When he gets your mum a gift for Mother's Day and wraps it in the most creative way himself. 🤗❤️❤️❤️

I think the mothers were really happy yesterday.

Mission accomplished!

Gonna be an exciting day at work today because our creative interns are coming in!


Always good to have new noise and fresh ideas at the office.

Have a good day at work y'all!!

I'll be picking out the Mamonde winners today!

Doing a #GRWM on IG stories today!



What I ended up with for today! 💁🏼

Outfit for Monday – Frey Babydoll Eyelet Romper 💕

Just launched last night! Backorders for Clan Culottes will be opened soon. 👌🏻🎉

#thetinselrack #TTR

My darling interns hard at work doing prep for this week's photoshoot. 💕💪🏻 I really hope they walk away from this internship learning tons of stuff!

Totally feeling this today.


How did you spend your weekends before you met me?

I asked ZL when we were having dinner last night.

We spend quite a fair amount of time together on weekends and it suddenly hit me that I've never asked him about his weekend routine when he was single.

And after finding out what he used to do on weekends, I continued probing about his used-to-be-single-life. We went on to share our views on being single.

He was perfectly contented and happy leading the single life but too bad, he met me. 😂

As for me, much as I can be independent and happy being single, I'm not sure if I would be contented being without a significant other for too long. And by long I mean years, or even possibly for life.

My support system is strong and I know I can def depend on my family and friends to share the happy moments, tide me over in difficult times and shed light on complicated situations.

But there's a large part of me which I reserve for my partner only. It's a side which I don't show and a front I put up, which I hardly let down. I think I would still love having that special someone around – which I can display that version of myself to.

But then again, no matter how much I long to have someone I can call my own person, I know that the chances of me settling for just any eligible guy is next to zero. At least for now and in the near future.

So… I'm very glad and thankful to have found him.


Saw this article on my FB which resonated so I thought I'd post some screenshots here.

Whoops some parts got cut off but you get the gist la, right?

He truly fills my heart with joy every single day and I feel so very contented and blissful. I hardly ever have bad days anymore and even when I do, he makes them a whole lot more bearable. 😌

Am so thankful for the day our paths crossed. X

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