Just done with an excruciating gym sesh. 💦💦💦

After a one month hiatus, I ended up with 4 days of body ache from last week's session. LOL. #weak

My body just wants to sink into the fluffy comforts of bed right now and every inch of it is screaming in agony BUT I feel so good after working out.


Hoping to keep up the gym-going streak because the other day Jess's friend saw me and told Jess that I "got guns" hahahahahaha. 💪🏻

Told ZL that but he reckons it's flabs not guns. Meh. Lolol.

As a result of that comment I got this singlet from Jess. 😂😂😂


And now, my favourite way to wind down for the day. Slapping on my favourite clay mask and snuggling in bed with my dearest Kindle. Currently hooked on "Crazy Rich Asians" and I love it!!!

Currently obsessed with – these super adorable fluffy pompom earrings!!


Gonna be putting them up for sale on the TTR site under our resident brand Foundry & Co soon.

Comes in a few colours and I'm trying veryyyyy hard to not keep everything but gawd it's so difficult.

Love how it instantly jazzes up an outfit!! And I thought the pearl stud adds a very nice touch. Hehe.

Team lunch today to welcome our interns!!

At Seng Kee because we're boring and the salted egg chicken there is DABOMBDOTCOM. 🐔



Happy to say that I've finally started to get the hang of taking boomerangs. 😎✌🏻

This post is super random and all over the place but it's okaaay cause I kinda miss doing updates like this.


Oh and… Netaporter is/was having a private sale (idek when it starts or ends lol) and I got this baby for 25% off!!


I saw people selling this for like $140-150 on Shopee/Carousell like whatttttt that's mad leh.

They're shipping it over from HK but it's arriving tomorrow (I just carted out today afternoon). That's ridiculously efficient la omg.

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