Saturday musings

Went curtain shopping with the mother and for a moment I felt like I was on a work trip looking through fabric swatches. LOL. 😂

This is the colour we decided on!

Totally in theme with my quilt covers and bed sheets.

Taupe's really nice too but our walls are already a different shade of taupe.

The obsession continues.

This made my Friday night too. This little thing came cosy-ing up last night when she usually likes her own space before bedtime.

It's so hot that I refuse to head out any earlier than I have to.

Aircon + kindle = bliss on Saturday noon 😌

My baby hairs are annoying the hell out of me. The urge to cut the fringe is growing stronger by day.

Now avail in store~ 💁🏼

Is it very tired 😂😂😂

He fell asleep on my soft like pillow belly but I really need to pee HOW 🌚


At Coffee Bean getting our fav choc drink!!! 🤗💕

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