Of Recent Obsessions


Not big on chokers but this one is too pretty! I prefer dainty looking chokers over gothic/edgy looking ones.

My hexagonal vase wears it better than I do. πŸ˜‚

Launching all these cute lil things tomorrow, to make your midweek better!! πŸ˜ŒπŸŽ‰

I'm sure you've seen enough of me wearing them everywhere. IG/IG stories/Dayre. When I'm obsessed I really am. Lol.

Also having sunnies in our midweek launch. The floral one is major love. Gonna be cute if you wear it on a beach holiday!!

And yaaas this eyelet top is the same one as I'm wearing above. Will post more photos later!

We launched a similar piece before (I thinkkkk it's called Lotte Eyelet Bralet?) but we picked a different eyelet fabric this time round and improved on the cutting so that it's more comfy to wear. ☺️

Brought the black pompoms out to play today! πŸ˜›

Very excited because we also ordered the pompom earrings in grey and they looked so cute!! Fingers crossed I can shoot them in time for tomorrow's launch. 🀞🏻

Decided to give these tassels some love too! Putting these on gives any outfit a more polished look! Unless you're wearing PJs, of course. Lolol.


Extra happy to see Lyds today because she dabao-ed lunch for me hehehe.


Seriously my fav kinda meal. Would have it every day if not for the price ughh.

Today's box of happiness – my Kikki K order came right before I left for office!

Tissue paper sekewt.

Got a set of teapot + 2 teacups!!

Ahhhhh so chioz. 😍😍😍

And this is the teapot – pre assembling!

I love the gold foil polka dots. So whimsical looking.


#takemymoney #oopstheyalreadydid πŸ˜‚

My Clipper Tea selection growing steadily. πŸ’“ Opened up Lychee to try earlier in the afternoon.

It's also black tea – same as Garden Tea which I love so, so much. But this is a fruity blend which is really nice and tropical tasting!

The fruity notes are really light and the sweet scent of Lychee goes so well with the tea. Definitely gonna be purchasing this when I finish the box of 24 which Ziqi kindly sent over! ☺️

Getting a kick out of drinking tea from a proper teapot. Heh. 😍

Can't wait to have my friends over then we can sip tea, and pretend to lead the taitai life. LOL.

I also received Cranberry Sunrise and Timeless Earl Grey in loose tea leaves. Can't wait to try them both! Passed the Timeless Earl Grey to ZL's mum cause she likes tea and is always making tea for me when I'm over. I bought her the Eternal Garden loose tea leaves for her previously too and she loves it. ☺️

Today's proper #ootd!!

TBH I've been getting really lazy with the ootds recently… I still really love wearing the new designs every week but when it comes to taking photos I just feel this pull of reluctance. I guess… I just feel a bit too old for this ootd shizz liao. LOL.

#thetinselrack #TTR

But yessss let's get back to the clothes. Hahaha. Our eyelet game still going on strong this week! This and another eyelet top coming your way!

Paired it with none other than my ultimate fav Bondi Pants!!!

There's good reason why I own this pants in every single freaking colour. 😍😍😍 My love for Bondi cannot be expressed with mere words.

Okay gonna go for run shall be back to share a recent beauty fav later! πŸ‘‹πŸ»

The Sephora Beauty Pass box which I redeemed using my points also arrived!!! I picked the Caudalie skincare set over the Too Faced one which is so hyped about because I have most of the products inside that box already.

And I heard great things about Caudalie and French skin products in general (LOVE BIODERMA) so I decided to go for this!


It's not the point but the colours of the packaging look so naise. πŸ˜‹

Instant Detox Mask – said to be a clay mask suitable for sensitive skin types!

I'm always up for clay masks so I can't wait to give this a go.

Idk why they labelled this as step 1 tho. And step 2 is a micellar cleansing water..? Hahaha. Confused.

But yep. This is step 2. The micellar cleansing water!

I've yet to find one which rivals my love for Bioderma so am placing high hopes on this baby bottle here.

Step 3 is the radiance serum which is said to be "complexion correcting". Read mixed reviews about this so hmm we shall see!

The moisturising sorbet.

Sounds so yummy. πŸ˜‹

Used it this morning in place of my Bioderma moisturiser and it performed normally just like any other moisturiser would. I like that the texture isn't too heavy and my skin absorbed it pretty quickly!

Today's makeup look!

Just wanna quickly share about…

My new found favourite blush/highlighter palette!

Yeahhhh. It's #Colourpop.

I'm really surprised myself! I don't think I ever fell into the black hole of Colourpop. When they first "trended" on Dayre, I got curious and bought a whole bunch of lippie stix, USLs, UMLs, supershock shadows to try. The full works. Never shared about them because erm… I don't like them.

Hahaha. Def an unpopular opinion cause so many others were raving about them. Preorders were opened left, right, centre.

They weren't THAT bad la actually. And very affordable so I could def see the appeal. But something just didn't click for me I guess.

Was browsing through their website one day and randomly decided to get two of their pressed powder blush/highlighter palettes to try cause the colours look so so pretty and so my kinda colours!

I got The Knockout and Double Play. Decided to keep the sleeve on to differentiate between the two. Cause Colourpop packaging doesn't come with item names. ☹️ WHYYYYYY.

Left side blush, right side highlight!

THE COLOURS SO GORG. 😍 Such beautiful peachy shades.

Really wish the packaging was nicer tho. But this exceeded all my Colourpop expectations already la. Shall not complain. Hahaha.

Wouldn't say that they are terribly pigmented but it's just how I like my blushes and highlighters!

I like those which are build-able and gives room for mistakes. Some blushes are so, so pigmented and immediately you just look so overdone YKWIM??

And I like how the blush and highlight complements each other so perfectly. 😍 Like they are meant to be.

Working very well on my bronzed skin tone! I prefer peach/coral/nude shades on myself. Pinks just don't cut it for me most of the time cause I'm nowhere near porcelain fair.

Gonna try Double Play and let you guys know how it goes!! Maybe I'll discover another favourite. It looks promising!

Oh. And also, I used the same palette to create my eyeshadow look for today cause I'm oddly liking the idea of having matching colours for my blush and eyeshadow. Haha.

No proper selfie but I think this shows the colours pretty decently.

Okay mask time then bed time. Talk to you guys soon!!

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