Grey day 🌫

Two more sleeps to this.


It's been so long since I really properly travelled. My last trip was Indonesia Mount Bromo which was in Feb…? Okay actually not that long πŸ˜‚ but my frequency of travelling really dropped a lot compared to last year. Haha.

Today's greys for a grey day.

So rainy that I found it a tad more difficult to wake up this morning. But I still managed!! Vvvvv proud of myself.

My sleep quality has improved so drastically ever since I shifted to the other room. Bedtime is now my favourite time of the day!

Don't wanna be biased so am wearing the grey one out today. πŸ˜‚ All my furry babies.

Catch them on site tonight at 8pm!!

Really loving how the earrings instantly softens the look of an otherwise edgy outfit!! πŸ˜‡

Basic tee coming your way this Sunday!

Gonna bring the white one on my weekend trip cause it's ultra comfy!! πŸ€—

Comes in very basic colours as well.

White, grey, black!

Home after a wet, dreary day out.

Now, should I have fruits for dinner or order in some proper food? πŸ€”

The prettiest sunsets always come after the rain. 😍

It's a grey day but it ended with the most beautiful colours.

Just here to share some love – Sunday's new arrivals are now freshly stocked in at the store!

Orchard Gateway #02-17A πŸ’•

Proper shots of the basic tee! Had to shoot it at our office cp today because it was drizzling the entire day. 🌧

Here's how it looks tucked out!

I forever cannot decide whether to tuck in or tuck out so I alternate throughout the day. Change style each time I visit the loo. Hahaha.

Candid shot which turned out nicely!! How rare. Was trying to hide the hair tie in my pocket if you can spot that. Hahahah.


Shall start my packing tomorrow even tho it's a 3 day 2 night kinda trip. Need to make sure I bring my passport most importantly.

The day I forgot to bring my passport – @joycesayshello:200417

After my last trip I really learn my lesson already.

Or maybe I shouldn't be declaring this until I'm certain I really packed everything along…? πŸ˜‚

Forgot to post this with my selfies on top but I really like how the eyeshadow turned out today~ πŸ’“

Goodnight lovely Dayre friends!

It's Kindle time now. πŸ€—

Uhhh ya totally me. πŸ˜‚

Okay bye for real!!

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