Had the best end to my week by TGIF-ing with my squash babes! 🎉🙌🏻

Actually it was a pretty great week all around cause I got to spend quality time with my dear close ones.


Ending Friday with a grateful heart.

My (almost) weekly must-have – Teppei and catch ups with my dear Cheryl!

She's always nagging at me about not having enough time for her but I love her nagging. 😘

The frequency of us meeting nowadays is not as often as it used to be but we always have quality conversations whenever we meet!

Post dinner shopping at La Senza was also good cause they were having their 60% off sale. Woohoo. 🙌🏻

Had a very good McBreakfast this very same week with my happy meal @jazreeltan! 🤗

Needless to say, it was an awesome time. It was her first time to AMK to hang with me so I bought her a welcome meal. LOLOL. Very happy that she stepped out of her hood for me!

Spent 2.5 hours just talking. It was supposed to be 2 hours but ermm as usual… We overran.

Idk how come but time spent with her is never enough. And that's why we're sticky friends 5eva. 🙏🏻

My first time having the breakfast wrap from Mcd's and it was pretty decent!! Not as filling as if I were to get the Mcmuffin.. And got hashbrown inside!! Yumz.

Already planning our next breakfast club meeting. 👌🏻 Can't wait!!!

A.R.C with @jongsy!

We hardly ever do lunches outside anymore but we had an external meeting today so we got to explore somewhere new.

Good coffee but food was average. Was a good time spent chatting away. 😌 We see each other every single day for many hours LOL but it's not everyday we sit down and have proper conversations. Very thankful that we had a pocket of time to do that today!

Dinner at Oriole today with the good ol' squash gang. That's ma friends taking turns trying on my DW to see if they like the size of the watch face. 😂

4 hours went by way too quickly. Can't wait to see their faces again soon!! 💕 Always a good time with these girls.

I've been even busier than usual at work but it's always good and comforting to hear that my lovely friends are doing well and that they're so supportive for what I'm getting done at work – namely the launch of Ascend.

Have been also wanting to share about that here but it's late now and I'm sleepy and tired from the entire day of activities.

Talk to you guys tomorrow?

Goodnight!! 😘

Nts before I forget – Oriole has really good truffle fries!! Shall bring my fries monster there soon. 🍟

If you love truffle fries, PLEASE GO TRY!!

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