Weekend bliss + ST feature! 😇

This weekend has been real good to me.

Didn't do anything out of the ordinary, but it's two days which I'm extremely contented with because I got to spend some blissful quality time with who-else-but-ZL hurhur. 🌚

Our choice of dinner on Saturday was this claypot rice stall at Geylang called Geylang Claypot Rice. 😂😂😂

He gave me 5 options and I narrowed it down to JB Ah Meng and this. JB Ah Meng had a freaking long queue so we settled on this in the end.


The claypot rice was pretty damn average. Hahaha. It could also be that I'm not that huge a fan to begin with. The pot for two was so humongous. I did my best and downed two bowls while ZL had to finish up the rest. 🌚

I think there's another nicer one in Geylang but I don't think I want claypot rice anytime soon! LOL.

I did enjoy the chaotah bits tho. They remind me of rice crackers.

The saving grace was this. Crabmeat tofu! So so good we slurped up every drop.

After dinner we took a nice walk down to the Geylang Serai bazaar. Mainly to visit his friend who's having a booth there selling contemporary Batik shirts for men! It's called @batique_sg on IG – I saw that they did a really cool night photoshoot recently. 😎

Got ourselves a cold drink (exactly the same drink as last year LOL) and walked around for a bit checking out all the interesting booths selling all sorts of knick knacks and creative food items.

Didn't do much but it was a nice roam around the bazaar cause it reminded us of last year. Also known as the day he thought he held my hand for the first time. 😂👌🏻


He managed to redeem himself with this comment – "I remember you wore a green top right 😏"

And I really did wear a green top! Specifically olive but green is good enough. Hahaha. Okay la very impressed. At least he notices some things. 🙃🙃🙃

Sunday was peaceful.

Spent the day with his family at their new place meeting the IDs. And ended the day with Zootopia! Still as good the second time round. 😌

Weekends never ever feel long enough. Ughhh.

Not our first newspaper feature but still feels pretty damn surreal nonetheless. 😍

#TTR #thetinselrack

Today's choice of mask.

I actually prefer the silver one over this though. Wanted to stock up during the Watsons 20% sale but the outlet I was at didn't have the silver.

They have another mask which can help even the skin tone and that one is AWESOME. Maybe I'll share about that another day when I use it!

Okay gonna slap on my mask and retire for the night. Full day shoot tomorrow gtg goodnight!! 😘

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