Rude Person šŸ˜”

Flying off tonight, I better not forget my passport again. šŸ˜‚


Doesn't it look nice and Scandinavian? Such cosy vibes. I really like that it comes with 2 chairs and a matching bench instead of 4 chairs. Got it at a steal too!! Can't remember how much exactly LOL but I remember that it's super affordable!!

My pantry area is now completed.

So thrilled!

Yesterday's set up for photoshoot. šŸ’“

Just met a really, really rude salesperson. WHAT IN THE WORLD??

So @jongsy and I headed to the Watsons near our place to grab some toiletries for our work trip happening later this evening.

This bespectacled guy from UOB – dressed in blue shirt, pants and proper working shoes – set himself in between us and the entrance of Watsons and began his pitch.

"Hi ladies can I just get 2 mins of your time…."

I smiled apologetically before cutting him off, saying "Sorry! But we have a flight to catch. šŸ™‚"

To which he replied…

What flight? You're in Ang Mo Kio leh.

It would have been a totally acceptable reply IF he adopted a different tone and facial expression.

He said it with a snigger and semi-rolled his eyes at us.


I was quite taken aback and continued walking straight into Watsons with Jo. She threw a "SO RUDE." in his direction, which I hope he heard.

I really should have said something there and then. I'll probably tell him right in his face "You're very rude. I wouldn't want to listen to you much less buy anything you sell even if I have time."

I know how difficult it can be if you're doing customer service or sales. So I have never told anyone off, even if they provide terrible service or have bad attitude. But this guy really made me flabbergasted.

Just because I'm in AMK, without luggage and boarding pass, he assumed that I was trying to brush him off with a poorly made up excuse. šŸ™„šŸ™„šŸ™„

We concluded that he just felt sore about being rejected. Hahaha.

Grrr. I really dislike it when people are rude to me when I didn't even provoke them wtf. šŸ˜ 

Enough of the rants. On to happier things in life!

Gave LiHo a try for the first time. Firstly… I have to say that I'm not quite taken with the name and logo and the branding in general. Haha. It just doesn't appeal to me.

There was a queue even at 3pm.

Wanted to try their cheese tea but too bad sold out. šŸ˜‚ Singaporeans really love hyped up stuff huh.

Got my Earl Grey Milk Tea with White Pearls at 30% sugar! Would have gone for 0% sugar but I was sharing it with Jo. Hahaha. šŸ™ƒ

Was good but not memorable! I wanna try the Koi Matcha Latte next.

Yesterday's $2 cai fan without fan.

Vs today's $8 Tori Q.

I rather have the cai fan tbh. Hahaha. I told @jongsy "wa imagine I take cai fan every day, one week I only spend $10!"

And she told me to write about how to save money by eating $2 lunches every day BUT spend all my savings on skincare and makeup. Hahahaha. #storyofmylife really. šŸ˜‚

And friends, don't worry, my passport is safe and secure in my bag.


Uber guy lifts luggage into his car boot.
Uber guy: "wa you guys going for war ah?"

Jetting off, signing out!

See you guys on the other side. šŸ‘‹šŸ»

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