New hair, new mood!

It's FLASH SALE WEEK over at TTR, if you haven't seen our mailer!

The discount codes can be found exclusively on our IG stories and mailers and we have different codes for each day from today till Friday. ✨👌🏻 Whoop whoop. Get your GSS shopping mood on!

And also, in other news, my hair got a new coat of dye today!

Sitting in the salon as I'm typing this.

I'm back to dark hair for now!


Embracing it much more than the last time I went back to dark hair. I think I'm really done with being blonde for the time being. 😌

Also got Kazz to snip 2 inches off for me.

I feel so much lighter and refreshed now!

As usual, I got my hair done with Covo Salon. But this time round it was at the Katong outlet! Which I find to be more convenient for me since it's nearer to my workspace. ✌🏻

Goodbye (for now), blonde hair. 👋🏻

The oblivious bf strikes again.

Gonna go spam him with sobbing emojis brb.

I count myself lucky that my current struggle with him is his inability to identify when I do something different to my hair. 😂

Popped by Cedele for my fav curry pumpkin soup and tried the basil pesto chicken gourmet thins! Was a great lunch cause I also managed to catch up on my to-read-list for June. 🤗

Recently I've been pushing myself to learn more outside of what I've already know and have been doing for TTR.

It can be a challenge trying to enhance your own skills set as an entrepreneur. In corporate offices you can learn alongside colleagues who are more senior than you. But when it comes to business, we as entrepreneurs have no readily available mentor to observe and learn from.

I find that the easiest way to learn about a new subject is through reading. Unfortunately, that is something which gets pushed to the backseat when work gets hectic.

Now I'm telling myself to take an hour out of my work day to read up on a business topic which I want to build my knowledge of. And it feels good to be absorbing and learning about a new subject.

My greatest fear is being stagnant.

Even with setbacks, there is always something to be learnt.

But when things are the same day in day out, you learn nothing.

I've made a list of to-reads for 2017! 🤓

Aiming to finish at least one book every two weeks. That shall be a goal for my second half of this year.

Hooked onto this right now!

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