Flowers always make spaces look extra pretty.


Doing some photography work and preparing for this Saturday's event so we got some flowers to work with!

Speaking of Saturday's event… I have exciting news to share! ✨

We're having a launch party for ASCEND!

To officially celebrate the launch of our new workwear label – ASCEND, the TTR team has been secretly toiling away and putting together an intimate and cosy little party to be held at the store this Saturday on 24 June! 🙌🏻

It's not a fancy event. Just a small get together where our friends and VIP customers can get a first hand peek at upcoming ASCEND sample pieces, enjoy light refreshments provided by our lovely sponsors, and walk away with a goodie bag which the team has effortfully put together with the help and generosity of selected brands which we have chosen to work with!

It's a two hour affair between 10am to 12pm this Saturday. The store will be closed to the public and only invited guests are able to enter the event! 🤗

I think… The highlight of the event (other than the clothes) is definitely the goodie bag. Hahaha. Very proud of it because the team put so much thought into curating the items inside!


First up is of course, a 15% discount voucher from us for Ascend items. 😉

Not only valid on the day of the event, but until end of Jul!

Also included in the goodie bags are vouchers from Heatwave Shoes, Tiong Bahru Bakery, The Face Shop, Foundry & Co and Nakedglory! 🎉

Andddd there are also products inside the goodie bags kindly sponsored by The 1872 Clipper Tea Co, The Face Shop and Old Seng Choong! ✨

We threw in a TTR canvas tote as well.

So happy to be working with The Face Shop again for our event this time round!

They also put together this package full of their newly launched items for the TTR team, how sweet. 🤗

Can't get over how creative the packaging is for the Kung Fu Panda collection. It came in a round box resembling a dim sum serving basket. And the chopstick sleeve holds eyeliners! 💕

Super psyched that the brands we're working with for the goodie bags are those with products which I personally love.

Clipper Tea sent over boxes of my favourite Garden Tea to be included in the goodie bags. I'm so thrilled that those receiving the goodie bags will be able try out this blend! 😌

When we were racking our brains on the brands which we wanted to work with this time round, we asked ourselves, "What would working ladies love?"

And hence we collaborated with Heatwave!

Affordable, workplace friendly and versatile shoes. What's not to love?

We picked out 6 pairs from their website and those will be on display on Saturday at the store. They all match so well with our workwear pieces! 😍

Of course, we had to do a lil something special ourselves too! ☺️

Settled on a card holder because well, it's definitely handy for working ladies.

We were contemplating on several designs but eventually we decided to get it in marble printed leather despite the additional cost. Am so glad we took the plunge! It turned out so gorgeous, especially with the gold embossed ASCEND letters. 😍😍😍

It's double sided with a pocket in the middle for your cash/receipts etc!

Perf for days when your handbags are too small for wallets.


So mei mei~

Okay enough idle talk…

The main point of this post is this.

I've asked the team to put aside two sets of invites for me to giveaway to my Dayre friends! ✌🏻

Each invite entitles you and your plus one to enter. So don't worry about being lonely at the event!

Here's how the giveaway works… 🎉

Leave me a comment with your email address down below 👇🏻 and tag a friend on Dayre which you would like to bring along for the party!

I don't like cumbersome giveaway mechanics so I'm gonna leave it at that. Haha.

I'll pick the winners by 3pm tomorrow and drop you guys an email!

Come okay? I would love to say hi and chat a little! ☺️

I'm so excited for Saturday.

I usually don't like attending events because I can be so painfully awkward LOL but this is different! Really looking forward to meeting you guys. And catching up with my lovely friends. 😌💕

I threatened my friends that I'll confiscate the card holders if they come later than 12pm. Hahaha. 😛

Also upcoming in this weekend's Ascend launch – lace hem skirt!

I paired it with a satin cami but you can totally transform this into a work apt outfit. 👌🏻

Quite effort okay. I wore heels just for this skirt. Lolol. 😂

Okay brain is dead idk what else to say. It's been a tiring day and I have to get through a photoshoot + event setup tomorrow.

Goodnight you all! 🤗

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