ASCEND launch party πŸŽ‰

Tuesday blues are real after a long weekend…

But yknow what?

I shouldn't be complaining a single bit because I had the most restful day staying at home yesterday.

The hustle and bustle of the launch party on Saturday really got to me and hence I decided that I shall not do anything productive at all on Monday to recuperate. 😌

And stay at home I did.

My mum kept asking me how come I didn't go out on a PH. πŸ˜‚

This was me. On Monday.

All I needed was my laptop (so that I can watch pointless youtube vids) and my bed.

It was so restful to the point that I'm feeling a little unaccustomed to having to get into the momentum of work today. πŸ˜‚

Sunday was spent with ZL.

He told me that we could head to town if I wanted… But I was like "noooooo 😨 let's not go to town please". I really needed a break from crowds and human beings. LOL.

So we ended up at Bedok Mall (which I haven't been!!) for dinner and went back to his area to chill for the rest of Sunday night.

And then Saturday was the ASCEND launch party at the store!

I really wanna give this a proper update so I'll continue later… Have meetings to get to!

When Lyds first pushed for the idea of a "cosy launch party" after the birth of Ascend, I was like 😩😩😩. @jongsy was also like 😩😩😩😩😩. Two more 😩 faces for her because she's even more socially awkward than I am. LOL.

We are comfortable with having little chats with customers at the store. But… A party?? Where we had to entertain guests, make people comfortable and make sure everyone has a good time? That seems way over our limits. Haha.

But then I decided that it's time to start pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones.

So then the planning for the event started!

We limited the guests to 60 only, because of space limitations. If only our store was slightly bigger! And also, we didn't have sufficient time to plan for the event so a small event would be more achievable.

It was so difficult to decide on who to place on the guest list. Is this what planning a wedding feels like? πŸ˜‚

I was telling my friend that I had to be at the store to do the event setup on Friday night and she said "your wedding is it??"


I don't think I would put in so much effort for my wedding to be honest. Hahaha. Only for TTR. πŸ˜ŒπŸ’•

#TTR paperbags waiting to be filled with goodies!

We were also blessed with the most generous sponsors to work with! Given that our timeframe for event planning was pretty short, I am so grateful that they are accommodating and such a breeze to work with. ☺️

Got done with the set up around midnight! Much love to Lyds and @nakedglory for staying back to help out! πŸ’•

Packing the goodie bags reminded me of our warehouse sale slightly over a year ago. That was truly insane, those two days. Hopefully we don't have to relive that any time soon. Haha.

The lovely people behind Old Seng Choong came bright and early on the day of the event to do the table setup for their cakes.

I was secretly eyeing the cakes but I was scurrying about during the two hours of the event and didn't have much appetite to eat anything.

But we took home the rest after the event. THE APPLE PIE IS DA BOMB GUYS. They were super thoughtful and prepared individually packed slices for our customers to bring home from the event.

I only had one slice but it was SO GOOD.

It was one of the best apple pies I've ever had.

Love that it's not too sweet. The crust is not overly thick. It's nice and buttery and not too crumbly! Would kill to have another slice now. Or maybe I'll order it for my next big group gathering!

The party was supposed to begin at 10am and I was surprised that so many people came on the dot. Hahaha.

We were only semi-ready because the setup was still being fine tuned. 😬

Some of my friends asked me what time they should reach and I told them not to come so early. LOLOL. Saturday what. Can sleep in a bit more. πŸ˜‚

This gorgeous pastel bouquet came in the morning and @jessaiee told me that it was for me. But she didn't catch the name of the sender.

Good thing there was a card attached – the flowers were sent by my lovely bunch of JC girlfriends who never fail to show up at every single TTR event. Be it the warehouse sale, PoMo opening, Citylink opening, Gateway opening and ASCEND launch party. So loved. πŸ€—

Friends I can count on for life when it comes to sharing the happy moments, down moments and trivial moments.


So sad that I didn't manage to get photos with every single one of my friends.

But it's okay we always have a next time!

The store got packed by 10.30am.. But it's the good kind of crowded! Not the warehouse sale kind of crowded. Hahaha.

Thank goodness our estimation of 60 played out well.

Posting this photo because my new hair colour looks nice. πŸ˜‚ also can see 2/3 of my friend Jolene's face and 1/3 of the side of sticky friend's face. @jazreeltan

The cakes from Old Seng Choong got quite a lot of attention. I hope we kept the bellies of our guests happy! πŸ€—

It also gave the boyfriends/husbands something to do. They could stuff their faces while the ladies shop. Haha.

I wanted to try the red dates with walnuts and yuzu ones but they were all gone by the time the party ended. Whyyyyyyy. 😩

With my dear @steffyduffyy who has been telling me since forever that I should have pieces which working ladies will love.

Lolol pasted stickers on the guys because I'm not sure how they would feel about appearing on my social media.

They left with two TTR bags each – one goodie bag and one shopping bag! ❀️

With my stickiest sticky friend who was actually sicky instead of sticky that day. Very touched that she came and mingled despite feeling unwell.. 😒 Would love for @missgoob to come also but that woman had work (which is more important of course!). But yay we meeting very soon!

For every milestone, I get a #madebyJAZ artisan card. ✌🏻

New cards and notes from my lovely girlfriends to add to my wire rack of inspiration!


With @audreyxaudrey and @bbernice looking gorgeous as always! πŸ€—πŸ’•

One of my rare few photos with Bernice even though we meet a few times a year.

Actually I realise I don't really have many photos with my friends! When we meet, there's so much to catch up on and there's no time for photos. Haha. And maybe also because I'm not into taking photos in private.. πŸ˜‚

Missing photos with @sandydandy and my friend Cheryl because the lighting was so horrible that 5 layers of filters couldn't save them.

With Lyddie and the lovely Keds team who has always been so so supportive towards our campaigns and launches! Really a dream to work with. I'm so thankful that they reached out to work with me and TTR. πŸ™‚ THANK YOU FOR THE LOVELY BLOOM BOX TOO! πŸ’•

Also had the chance to speak with some of TTR's long time shoppers and we took some photos together as well! β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

With @grasstada and friend!

I'm sorry I don't know some of your dayre handles! Drop me an email if you spot your photo here and would like a copy of the high res one!

ZL totally photobombed this photo but it's okay I cropped him off. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


With this chatty pair of sisters! Was good hearing feedback from you girls. ☺️


My smile was semi frozen by the end of the day but it was nice going through the photos afterwards!

Smile frozen already by the time we took this photo. Hahaha.

One with our retail team which work tirelessly to serve our shoppers at the store. ❀️ Pity it wasn't full strength!

Don't ask me why @jazreeltan was in this photo. LOL.

But okay la, counted la. Evidence as above. She "worked" as our cashier before. Hahahaha.


Sorry for caps-ing but really so thankful I have them on the team. I was definitely feeling less anxious about this event with them around, each pulling their own weight.


@jongsy @eileenmak @jessaiee

Last but not least – the guest who was not on the guest list…

Lazy to paste sticker so I post blur + mostly covered face photo. πŸ˜‚

I assumed that he wouldn't wanna be there because well, what was he gonna do while a bunch of girls shopped right? But I asked him anyway and he readily agreed much to my astonishment. Lol.

"Really??? You wanna come??"

"Yeah I can go there to support you. But what do I do there?"

"Eat the cakes, talk to people you know, buy a dress for your gf, collect money at the cashier, hide in the store room…?"

I'm glad he made it! ❀️

Okay gonna stop here before I make all your goosebumps come out. Lolol.

Other than the ASCEND pieces which were already launched/gonna be launched that weekend, we also showcased some sample pieces which will be available for purchase in the month of July.


My friends tried some of these on and already reserved some items from me! πŸ˜‡ Definitely gonna have more interesting workwear pieces ahead so stay tuned, y'all!

Got to hear some suggestions from the girls who came down the other day and it was interesting to hear from actual working ladies about what makes good working apparel.

So I'm gonna leave it open here as well, let me know what sort of pieces you would like to see on ASCEND? Would love to get your thoughts guys!

I used to hate the idea of doing events.

Or like you know, be involved in anything limelight-y.

Now, I still don't like the limelight but I relax and enjoy myself at events nowadays a little bit more than I used to.

7 going on 8 years and the number of events we have organised for TTR can be counted with one hand. Lol. πŸ˜‚ The warehouse sale was a huge leap forward. It was nerve wrecking to say the least. The turnout was mindblowing. Turns out we had nothing to worry about.

This party was another small step forward but hey, at least we're getting there slowly right?

I just gotta keep reminding myself to have faith and confidence in TTR, my team and most importantly, myself.

Here's to bigger and more awesome TTR events in future! πŸŽ‰

Not forgetting the dress.

How can I forget the dress?

My friends were all asking about this dress (which coincidentally matched with the balloons LOL ✌🏻) and I heard that some of you who came also enquired about it.

It's upcoming, on #thetinselrack of course! 😌✨ But not this week, will keep you guys posted!

And here's one with the person who is always, always with me for TTR no matter what. ❀️ @jongsy

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