Loloku 🍍🍉 + My Bondi Obsession

Really enjoying the fading process of my hair colour!

It's like an ashy brown grey tone now.

I went dark this time round but since my hair was bleached, the colours I dye after bleach tend to fade slowly. But I like it! It's like having a new look every week. 😌👌đŸģ

And I must say… Dark hair is so much more manageable. Blonde hair just tends to look unruly when neglected. Haha. And some days I just can't be bothered to pay too much attention to my hair yknow??!

I wanna do up my June favs post but at the same time I'm also feeling lazy. Somehow it's more cathartic to post random stuff here instead of trying to make my post sound coherent. 😂

Oh okay I realised I have new food places to share! Let's see..

Last Friday noon was spent exploring a new lunch spot with @jongsy!

Our interns actually went to check out this newly opened deli/cafe called Loloku for our IG stories a few weeks back. Seemed promising from what they told us so we gave it a shot.

Love the decor and vibes so much!! That yellow pineapple there, so cute! 🍍

Everything looks so cheery and happy. 😍

And they have this really cute flamingo backdrop. (Why is there no flamingo emoji??) We saw quite a few customers taking their ootds here!

We were really lucky to have gotten the pretty corner! 👌đŸģ✨

They have two sizes for each of their bowls – we got the medium for $14!

Both of us ordered the Wiki Wiki hahaha. #sametastebuds idk why we didn't think of ordering different things to try. Lol. 😂

The portion size was a lil small but just nice for us! Serving of sashimi was pretty generous, I must say.

Would definitely visit this space again when I'm in the area. Which would probably be pretty often. Haha.

It's right along the same street as Covo, my hair salon!


📍 Keong Saik 1, #01-05 The Working Capitol Building

I haven't been using my Entertainer app lately… Grr. Need to get back on it before this year breezes past!

Dropped by the store for a bit and finally managed to take photos of the flowers the Keds team gifted us!


Flowers really make me so happy I can't even…. 😍

Just dropped new stocks at the store!

Including this purdy toga top I'm wearing. 😌 I LOVE IT CAN I KEEP IN ALL COLOURS LOL OKAY JK @jongsy

Popping by before I retire for the night because I'm tasked to let you girls know that BACKORDERS ARE OPENED!

We did a round of backorders for our favourites – Courtney Pleated Skirt, Blanc Swing Top and Bondi Flare Pants. ✌đŸģ

Partly for selfish reasons hahaha.

I kept bugging Jo to open backorders because I accidentally burnt my Courtney in Clay last year in Cambodia. I was on a bike and didn't notice that it got in the way of the exhaust pipe sobbles. đŸ˜ĸ Then this Jess lost my white colour piece during her Batam trip. So happy that I get to have them back in my wardrobe!!

Said skirt which got burnt. 😭😭😭

Said skirt which got lost in Batam. 😭

We wanted to bring back Bondi in pink but alas that was ill fated. The factory just informed us that the fabric is no longer being produced.

SO SAD CAUSE MINE HAS A BIG BLACK STAIN ALREADY. ☚ī¸ Thought I could replace it but sadly… Nope. Sorry to those of you who have been asking!


This is one of my favourite colours of the lot!

Bondi is really a design which I have worn to death. Even ZL knows that it's my favourite pants LOL. And he knows Courtney as my favourite skirt. 😂

Soon you'll understand the meaning of worn to death.

And another.

Navy in Cambodia!


Zai lai.

You lai.

Lai somemore.

Hai lai.

And most recently worn – today.

Take into account I also wear them on days I don't bother to take ootds okay? 😂😂😂 Totally abusing this pair of pants. It's as if I don't own any other pants at all.

Jo was asking me if I have any ootds of the Bondi pants for her to post…. I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME 😂 Anyhow scroll also can find.

#thetinselrack #TTR

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