Jun Favs πŸ’•

Gonna be sharing about my Jun favs today!


As always, we'll start off with my favourite items from #TTR. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Gonna start off with Ascend pieces which got my heart this month.

Cel Mesh Dress in Black! πŸ’•

And the Sierra Sleeved Dress in Forest definitely made it to this list. It's hands down my favourite workwear piece out of all that we listed on the website as of now.

IT IS SO FLATTERING. I'm sure I don't have to elaborate on that. You can just see for yourselves. πŸ˜‚

Also a piece which got many ladies reaching out for during our Ascend party!

Fion Waterfall Slit Skirt in Lilac Grey is slowly making it to the list of "bottoms I always reach out for".

Love love the unique colour and the cascading slit design.

Very suitable for occasions as well!

It shouldn't come as a surprise right???

The Minx Wrap Blouse was the first item which popped into my head when I was curating my favourites of the month. πŸ’“

Also love the Plum but I didn't take a nice #ootd of it.

Ooh found a mirror shot!

It's been long since we've done anything florals.

Raina Off Shoulder Top concludes my outfits roundup for the month! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Including this pair of white leather sliders from Aldo for my Jun favs!

Got this on a whim while I was in KL for work and what can I say? No regrets. Even though this was a whooping $70 in sg dollars. 😦

I've been wearing these every other day! They give off this laidback vacation vibe and I especially love pairing them with long flowy outfits. Also biased because they look so good with the Bondi pants!

It's a love hate relationship with this pair. I love them but ZL hates them. πŸ˜‚

The pair of earrings I've been obsessing over this month!

Idk how come I didn't get around to talking about it but I LOVE THESE.

Kept the Black and Blush for myself – you can find it on our website under "Bair Ribbon Earrings".

All 3 colours! 😍

Here comes the beauty part of my favs!

Shall first talk about this Vichy Mineral 89 since I've already shared about it here:


Would just like to let you guys know that you can redeem a free 1 week trial through this link – https://goo.gl/z24sP3

Can try it out for yourselves before committing to the purchase! Am sure you girls will end up loving it as much as I do. Heh. πŸ€—


Skin Aqua Sarafit!

MY FAV FAV FAVVVVVV SUNSCREEN MIST. I'm going through this so fast guys. No kidding. Gonna need to stock up on this very soon. πŸ˜‚ Good for loading up the spf protection throughout the day!

My skin's saviour this month – Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.

I had a few breakouts last month and this helped to soothe my skin. I would apply this on my pimples before bed and the next day pimples immediately subsided.

Two days before the Ascend launch party I felt a pimple coming out on my nose. Spammed this and it really helped.

It does really good at drying the pimples out too! πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Highly recommend if you have acne prone skin.

Out of point but it's pink. I feel so happy using this hahahah. πŸ˜‚

This Essence Satin Touch Blush was a random buy because it's so so so affordable LOL. This colour caught my eye while I was browsing through the racks during the Watsons sale. Then my eyes drifted to the price tag.


Awesome creamy satiny finish even though it's a powder blush.


My decision making process during shopping is very short and sweet. Lol.

This is definitely my best buy of June!

I swatched it together with a Becca blush which I'm including in this post and surprisingly the finish looked pretty similar? Like 90% similar. But the prices are like 90% difference. πŸ˜‚

Will include the swatches photo in a bit!

There're 3 shades for this if I'm not wrong, but I forgot to take note of the name of mine. Will check back here after I find out.

Name's Satin Love!

Becca Mineral Blush in Wild Honey!

Really liked Songbird which I got from the VIB Sephora sale.. So I picked up Wild Honey a while back as well, when I was looking for a warm nude blush which gives off a bronzey look. For minimal makeup days when I don't want to use a bronzer.

Wild Honey has less of a shimmer compared to Songbird.

Wear time is pretty awesome as per all Becca blushes. Oh yes, the Essence blush kinda fades after 5-6 hours but I guess that's not too bad for a blush which costs less than $5. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Introducing my new favourite bronzer – Marc Jacob's O!mega Bronze Perfect Tan in Tan-tastic.

Idk why the name gotta be so long and weird with an exclaimation mark right smack in the middle of Omega. πŸ˜‚

But that's not the point.

This is part of their summer collection which features coconut scented products. This matte warm bronzer is my fav out of the collection!

Smells so yummy and coconut-y whenever I dust this on the hollows of my cheeks. 🌴

Another thing I love about it is the huge mirror. So handy!

From top to bottom – Essence Satin Touch Blush, Becca Mineral Blush and the Bronzer. Lazy to type out the full name LOL. πŸ˜‚

Forgot to take an individual shot of my Jo Malone Star Magnolia so I had to reuse this photo.

I'm picky with my scents so it's hard for me to find perfumes to buy. But this smells really unique + limited edition + $20 cheaper in KL so it's a YES.

Btw I realise that this photo features 4 items from my favourites post?! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

LOL. See. The top, the earrings, sliders and bronzer. Only the MJ highlighter not included because I haven't really had time to play with it!

Therefore, this shall be my favourite flatlay of June. Hahaha. Legit right.

Wanna include some other stuff in my favourites but the bed and a warm pair of arms are beckoning. Continuing this tomorrow!

I've been diligent in my reading quest in the month of June and this book is my favourite – In The Company Of Women.

Very, very inspiring and a good pick-me-up for the not so good days at work and in life!

What I like best is that this book also makes me rethink about certain ways which I work and relook at certain aspects of TTR. Extremely motivating read, great for not just entrepreneurs!

Available on kindle cause that's what I read it on.

And in line with the book, here's my favourite quote for the month of June.


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