Of recent shoots – TTR, Maternity and Others

Did a few shoots recently (both TTR and non TTR) and thought I'll post some visuals here to share!


This pretty flowy embroidery dress is coming up this Sunday!

It's so pretty that I've no chance to wear it out yet. Cause it's office, home, office, home for me this week. Can't wait to go somewhere nice so that I can break this out.

Already wore this out two days back. Actually I feel like wearing this almost every day this week. LOLOL. Full on loving this toga top! ❤️

This model is such a doll to work with.

#thetinselrack #TTR

Love this beauty shot of her.

She looks so good from every angle!! And the makeup looks damn flawless. 😍

Cute spag top with cross back details. Coming soon but not that soon! Lol.

Experimented with different lighting setups this time round and was pleasantly surprised by how the photos turned out!

Idk if you can tell tho. The difference is pretty subtle but it's more shadowy than our usual photos.

Also tried doing some shots using mirror reflections.


The most random shoot I've done so far. Racks!

Have I shot models before? Yes. Accessories? Yes. Flatlays? Yes. Beauty products? Yes.


Now it's a yes. 😂

Shot and styled this for ZL's cousin who is starting his own storage solutions online store. (Spot my props hahaha)

Lemme know if any of you are looking for shelving for your BTO's bomb shelter (the racks fit nicely and are boltless!) or office/warehouse, I'll link you up with him!

Shot a couple of beauty products recently for sharing on my Dayre as well..

For Vichy!


For Mamonde…

I've tried the ampoule toner for a couple of days and my skin gives a stamp of approval. I think I might like it more than the Mamonde Rose Water Toner and that one is real hard to beat. Excited to share more!

Gonna be giving this a try soon as well!

And a very out of the ordinary shoot (for me, that is) which I just did yesterday…

Maternity shoot. 🤰🏻

Lol finally that emoji came in handy!! 😂👌🏻

I was so worried that I won't be able to cope with that since it's a genre which I am not familiar with at all. But I genuinely had a lot of fun and the visuals turned out really lovely.

MATERNITY SHOOT AS IN I'M THE PHOTOG OKAY. Why do I even bother to do a disclaimer I also dk. 😂

Very thankful that my cousin trusted me with this shoot. And feeling a little surreal that she's gonna have a little family of 3 of her own soon!

We grew up together (she's the same age as me) and have been rather close growing up. All those stayovers were so much fun! She also used to help out with TTR during the beginning stages. The memories.

So this shoot holds special meaning for me as well. 😌

Did a few fun shots as well, I picked this photo to feature since her husband is shy in front of the camera and I'm sure he won't wanna appear on my Dayre either LOL.

It was such a relaxed and fun shoot! Felt none of the stress that I usually experience during TTR shoots. 🤗

And I have to say, pregnancy really agrees with my cuz! She looks so radiant, so blissful and so glowy. I FEEL SO HAPPY FOR HER. :')

Sucha gorgeous mummy-to-be! I couldn't stop gushing about how good she looks and how smooth and shiny her belly is. ✨

Little Chloe is going to be so very lucky. Gonna be receiving so much love and attention from all her family. 💕

And she might be sharing the same birthday as me! That'll be cool. Heh.

Will be doing the BB shoot for Chloe when she's out too, yay!! 😍

Did a few with the studio lights and I tried out a different lighting setup. Glad it turned out well, cause the setup for TTR shoots is vastly different from the one I used for this shoot.

To be honest, this was my very first time having to photograph someone without much basic knowledge in posing. And also shooting a couple!

Cause usually TTR models come knowing how to pose, so I don't have to direct much.

But it was such an eye opening experience and it gave me a lot more confidence in doing shoots like this.

I've been doing ad hoc photography on and off, but mostly for friends or friends of friends so far… Honestly still very new to this thing!

But if you feel like you have enough faith in me (LOL JUST KIDDING), like my works for TTR and am thinking of getting a photoshoot done, hit me up at contact@joycesayshello.com with your ideas and we see if we can move on from there?

I'm open to creating visuals for brands, couple shoots, pre-wed/wedding, corporate, maternity or any crazy collaboration ideas you might have. If I feel like it's out of my league, I'll also let you know so that there's no mismatch of expectations.


Honestly I'm quite busy with TTR as it is, no idea if I will be able to cope but let's see how this goes eh?

Only gonna be taking the gigs up if my schedule allows, so I'm limiting it a a couple of shoots per month.

Definitely looking forward to creating more beautiful visuals! 💓

#dayrebrides #dayremums

On a completely unrelated note… My first argument with ZL happened.

In my dreams this morning. 😂😂😂

I've been wondering when we will finally find something to argue about ever since we crossed the one year mark, and even more so recently. I think that's why my subconscious mind made me dream of it?

It was so ridiculous but it felt kinda real at the same time.

In today's new episode of #shitZLsays…

I was gushing to him about how good my cuz looks pregnant.

"Ohh she looks so radiant and glowy and her limbs still so skinny! The only way I can tell that she's pregnant is the round tummy."

"You look good too. You also have skinny limbs and round tummy."

"But I'm not pregnant. 😭😭😭"



This morning I was telling him about how squeezy it was on the train.

🙄 This boy is looking forward to an argument amirite. 🔥🔥🔥

Lolol jk he knows I know he's just teasing. 😂

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