My heart did a few cartwheels when I stepped into the house after gym earlier.


IT'S HERE!!!!!!

Tore apart the package and found this cute lil thing nestled inside.


You're finally here. I'm finally holding you in my hands.

So beautiful the colours!! Swatched a few colours on my arm and ughhhhh my heart. Gonna post more photos once I get the daylight tomorrow!! 💛

Going to sleep, a very happy girl who got her Colourpop palette.


Much excites to use this!!!

Made use of a few props which I prepared for a shoot today and I thought the whole theme was pretty in sync with the packaging and look of the Yes, Please! palette. 🍩

It is cute af, can't deny that.

But idk why they decided to put it on the palette cover. 😂 Confusing af.

The colours are all so vibrant and summery, LOVE. 💛

Can't deal. Gonna be bringing this with me on my travels this weekend. 💯

Okay gotta get on with work, post the swatches later when I have free time!

Top row swatches:

Full Zip – matte warm ivory
Big Cocktails – matte orange
Champs – matte pale peachy nude
Bling – metallic rust

Champs was a little patchy and hard to blend out on the lids (used it today!) but the other two mattes were okay.

Bling is one of my fav colours from this palette. So so intense and pigmented but not overly shimmery. 😍

Second row swatches:

Louie – metallic duochrome red with a gold flip
Butter Cake – metallic pale yellow gold
Spoiled – matte brick red
GNO – matte burnt orange

I love every single shade in this second row! Definitely gonna be using at least one colour from here for most of my looks.

Today, I used Louie, Butter Cake and Spoiled. LOL. 😂👌🏻

All of them swatched so beautifully. 💛💛💛

Spoiled took a few swipes to swatch but I kinda like that. I don't need my dark colours to be too pigmented cause that leaves practically no room for mistakes.

It also looked more pink than red on my outer corners LOL probably cause I didn't really pack it on.

Bottom row swatches:

Mischief – matte warm yellow
Note to Self – matte warm caramel
Chauffeur – metallic duochrome bright orange with a gold flip
French Kiss – matte deep red brown

Note to Self would make a really subtle and nice transition colour. Idk if I would ever use Mischief. Lolol yellow on the eyelids?? Mmmmm. I'll think about it. 🤔

I did a gradient look for the eyes today – using Champs all over the lids, blended Spoiled inwards from the outer corner, dabbed Louie right in the middle and used Butter Cake to brighten up the inner corners and waterline! ✨

Andddd today's shoot is a wrap! 👌🏻💯

Loving the vibes of today's shoot.

So glad that the client for today is really easygoing and flexible to work with. Can't wait to start editing those visuals! ✨

Not the best day in my life but yay my happy person is coming over to give me a hug later. ❤️

Saw this at Typo the other day. Not too sure what is it exactly… A mug maybe? LOL.

But the words.

Absolutely YES PLEASE. 😌✨

It's only Tuesday but I wanna fast forward to the weekend already.

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