GIVEAWAY ✨ – L’Oreal Bi-Phase Micellar Water

Such a grey day. And it started out so sunny too!

In a cheery mood today so I decided to wear this upcoming top with the cutest quirky print.

It's the same print as the Fran Ruffles Dress and I remembered that some of you were asking me about whether we have more items upcoming in this print. YESSSS WE HAVE. 😌👌🏻

A closer look at this print…

We customised the print so we thought we might as well do more designs. 😂

But anyway, this top isn't gonna be launched this week.

A week back I randomly received a package from L'Oréal. I say random because they didn't send me any email telling me that I would be receiving a package. After that nobody from their team emailed me about it too. 😂

But anyway, a tiny card came with it and it turns out they sent me 3 bottles of their new micellar water makeup remover. 2 bottles for me to giveaway to you guys and share the love! 💙


I haven't really tried out any other micellar cleansers except Bioderma. But then I don't wanna giveaway items which I haven't tried before either. So I tried this out for a couple of days and I actually like it quite a bit!

It's said to be oil free (I thought this has oil initially because there are two layers of liquid in the bottle), alcohol free and fragrance free. Which meant that it would be suitable for sensitive skin.

I think my fav part is that it removes waterproof makeup well.

My only gripe with Bioderma is that it doesn't really clean off waterproof makeup (especially mascara!!) thoroughly enough and you waste a lot of product in the end.

This does the job! 👌🏻✨

So back to the main point. I'm gonna make it fuss free cause I dislike giveaways which ask for too much from both you and I. Hahaha.

Just leave a comment below and let me know if you would like to win a bottle of this! I have 2 bottles to giveaway~

Don't be shy! Comment away!

Met @popcornyu earlier to discuss about her maternity shoot! She was the very first person to drop me an email and I'm glad we could settle on a date to do the shoot even though she's so close to popping (lol pun totally intended 😂).

Had a good comfortable time chatting even though it was our first time meeting each other irl!

Can't wait for the photoshoot already. 👌🏻✨

It's always so difficult for me to pick giveaway winners so this time round I have an idea…. Imma get ZL to help me choose instead. 😂👌🏻

I'll be announcing the winners tomorrow~


Had YTF for dinner cause I was craving for something light. And also because I feel like going for a run later!

Damn irritating this boy. Fried onions are not counted okay!! But luckily I wasn't in the mood to take them today. 😂😂😂 He didn't manage to catch me in the act.

So now become waste vegetables.


Actually… Idk how he will pick the giveaway winners. His logic eludes me sometimes. Hahaha.

ZL was being such a sweetheart yesterday, wanting to bring me out for dinner somewhere nice(r) instead of having cai fan cause I was feeling bothered about some stuff.

I'm perfectly fine having cai fan with him but he wanted cheer me up with a good dinner. Well, I wasn't gonna say no to that. 😂

Went to Pepperoni's at Upper Thomson because it's on the Entertainer app! 🎉 And I haven't been before.


I'm an aglio olio kinda girl but ZL likes his pasta cream based. Since I'm so easygoing (HAHAHAHA OKAY KIDDING) I decided on the Carbonara.

But anyways. It was so good!! It is perfect for sharing cause cream based pasta gets too jelat after a while.

Didn't expect a pizza place to serve up such a good pasta. I would be happy if the pasta was at least decent, and this surpassed all my expectations. 👌🏻

He gave me a few suggestions based on what he tried before and thought was good, and I ended up choosing the seafood pizza! 🐙

LOVE THIN CRUSTS. I don't generally like doughy crusts because ugh TOO MUCH CARBS so this was great for me.

We got the large and obviously didn't manage to finish lol. Bill was only $24 (inclusive of gst and service charge whoop whoop) after using the app! 🤗


I didn't get the sudden hype for this. And I still don't. Isn't it just melted cheese which tastes a lil chao ta?? 😂😂 Haha. It's nice but cheese taste good to me generally. Or maybe my tastebuds not atas enough.

Was at Flavoured Flings with my girlfriend today and we also ordered the salted egg yolk fries to share.

The raclette croissant was filled with salted egg sauce so woohoo, salted egg yolk party!

It was a good thing we shared.

Would have liked it if the sauce was of a thicker consistency but owell this was pretty decent too.

This place is also on Entertainer but meh, the items we got didn't fall under the 1 for 1 category!

Finished off with desserts at Ciel which was just right opposite. #dayrefatties


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