Every Sunday night…… 😩

Saw this and sent it to ZL cause it's so him. 😂😂 Sometimes it's me too. But nowadays I'm cutting down on phone usage in the dark cause it's so straining on the eyes!!

Anyone else guilty of this? Heh.

Exceedingly pleased with how the shoot turned out today!! Much love to our small but mighty team for pulling it all together. 🤗 @jongsy @eileenmak @jessaiee

Psst, Diya Pleated Midi in new colours, anyone?

Today's setup for our photoshoot…. 💕 Love every single look we did!

Thanks for the response for last night's collection guys!!!

We're contemplating on backorders for several items. Do hop over to join the waiting list if you want backorders for sold out items! 😉

Spotted some pink clouds otw home. So beautiful. 😌

Busy day but all's good.

Can't wait to share photos!!

The model's makeup was so well done today!! 😍 Check out that glow~ ✨

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