Not always rosy

I wanted to dayre about something lighthearted.

I wanted to share about the recent beauty products I'm into, looks which I'm loving, PR products which brands have sent over.

But I feel so mentally drained these few days and I can't bring myself to dayre about anything fun. It's like perpetually having a cloud of stress hanging low over my head.

I don't even sleep soundly anymore.

There have been difficult periods throughout the years of running TTR, and times when things get crazy busy.

But not like this.

Nowadays my life feels like a tornado. On slightly better days, it feels like a whirlwind.

Everything is moving at such a fast pace and I never feel like there's sufficient time to do everything that I set out in my head to do. Or I'll do something but only to keep feeling like I could have done better after I've completed that task.

My social calendar is being pared down to the bare minimum. My friends keep telling me that they hardly see me anymore.

I have more and more unread chats piling up in my whatsapp box.

I don't have time to spend doing the frivolous things I enjoy much as I enjoy most aspects of my work.

I need to keep up with my own life.

Every corner I turn is a learning curve, some steeper than the others. Just when I thought I got something down pat, something new comes up.

And that is so exhausting.

Sometimes I really envy the 9 to 5 life.

Tomorrow I'll feel silly for whining but today I feel better after writing things out.

Shall go stuff myself with chocolates to feel better~

This is damn right. 😂

Thank you, my lovely dayre friends. 👇🏻

Your comforting and kind words make me feel so much better this morning and I feel ready to take on the world again.

Talk to you guys in a bit!!!

Success is not a linear path.

It's a brand new day.

Dusting off all the bad juju and embracing my workload ahead! 😇

Today's brunch meeting with the interns at one of my favourite PS cafe outlets – Palais Renaissance.

Awesome mood lifting vibes. ✨

Food's always good here! 😋

Today's mini project. 😌

Wore an upcoming #TTR piece today and it really puts me in a cheery frame of mind.

When I feel down, it's tempting to just not care about how I look like and dress like a hobo. Hahaha.

But honestly, I find that dressing up really helps make me feel better. When I look good, I feel good. 😌😌😌

I can't go on a holiday so the next best alternative is dressing like I'm on vacation. 🌴😂

Fake it till I make it to my next vacation. Haha.

This dress would look so so good by the beach…. Or at any resort-ish place.

Don't you just adore the dramatic flare of the sleeves? So swishy. 😍

This dress comes in Black and Wine Red too, if you're less daring when it comes to prints.

I kept the black to wear as my weekend dress. Black is awesome for lazy days. ✌🏻

Our coordinated outfits lolol. 😂 It was a bit of an overkill because the interns also wore pieces from the same collection. People who saw us were probably amused. Hahaha.

Thinking of heading downstairs to workout but I don't think I can afford the time tonight. More work to clear off my plate. 💪🏻


Btw, dropped bags of new stocks at the store earlier! New arrivals will be up on the racks tomorrow onwards~ 🙌🏻

Just done editing some photos from our bohemian themed shoot. Here's a sneak of the model wearing the dress in wine red!!

Omg I'm also very tempted to keep the red but I shall resist. 🙅🏻

Gonna place work aside for now.

Decided to get an early night cause I need all the rest I can get before flying off for yet another work trip next Monday.

And also, a new book arrived in the mail for me. 🙌🏻 Time to catch up on my readings!

Goodnight, yall. ✨ Hope everyone gets some well deserved shut eye tonight.

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