Omg it's finally here!!!!! 🙌🏻

Tho idk when I will have time to read it… Maybe on my next flight out! Which is happening in approx 3 days. Urps. So not prepared.

Recently obsessed with earrings. It's so much fun to match different earrings to different outfits!

This simple round plate stud + hoop pair will be available on TTR this Sunday! ✨ So pretty and minimalistic.

Gold entangled hoops from F21! So so glam but so so heavy too. LOL.

And they make this cling-clangy sound whenever my head makes slightly bigger movements. 😂

This cute gold fan shaped pair is from ASOS!

I'm earring-shopping everywhere. Haha.

They go so well with my Zena Cross Back Spag in Mustard!

I have this slight fixation of matching mustard and gold lately, I have to admit. 😬


Got home slightly earlier today and managed to go for a jog. Feeling so much less sluggish after the workout. 😌

Received this adorable pastel pink box full of makeup from Vely Vely and it made my week a much better one! 🤗

It's a Korean makeup brand which will be launched in SG.. Will be sharing my thoughts on these lovely items soon. 💕👌🏻

Actually, I might very well collate all the PR items I've received into one post! It could be like some kind of PR unboxing post. Mmm. Should be fun to do up!

Whenever I feel down/stressed out about work ZL would offer to take me out to a nice dinner. Nice dinners are usually rare on weekday nights because we usually go for hawker fare.

I felt the weight of work being lifted slightly as I was rambling on to him.

"I feel so stressed but at the same time I also love what I'm doing.. How?"

"Mmm you can be a tai tai."

"The pre requisite of being a tai tai is having a rich husband leh." *looks at him*

"Can…. Give me 30 years." #shitZLsays


30 years later I'll be about 60 years old already please. Instead of tai tai, I'll be a lao tai tai. 😂 Seriously.

Finished up whatever work I could by 11pm and am ready to tuck myself into bed now.. The body ache and feeling warm are not good signs especially when I'm travelling next week. Gonna sleep it off! Talk to you guys tomorrow!

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