I decided that I really needed to unwind, step out of my head a little and end this week on a good note. So I dropped a text to @jazreeltan informing her that we'll be hanging out. πŸ˜‚ The best kind of friends are those that you don't even have to ask if they're free to meet you. You just force them. Hahaha.

I'm sure she's a (more than) willing party though. That I can speak on her behalf. LOL.

I love that she's always so welcoming whenever I announce that I wanna pop by. ❀️

It's nice when you know that some doors will always be open for you, you know?

I told her I wanna wine and unwind since it's TGIF. And since she provided the wine, I brought some snacks with me!

Some addictive Japanese snacks to accompany us through all that yakking. 😌 That camembert cheese one was so good. And goes so well with the moscato.

We had music playing in the background but I wasn't really focusing on the songs because we had never ending conversation going on and on and on and on.

For 4 straight hours.

It's amazing how much words we can spew hahahaha. I'm not a person of many words, frankly. But conversation flows very easily with this sticky friend of mine. πŸ’•

Our conversation is mostly about new updates at work, bits of our relationships, what's going on with the people around us and life in general. Actually our conversations cover quite a wide range eh? Haha. We pick on each other's brains about business stuff too.

We meet sporadically and text every now and then. We grey/blue tick each other for days on end when things get busy but we know that we will be able to pick this friendship up when we're less tied up with work and life.

I'm ever grateful for this easy friendship. Easy is not the same as convenient. Although convenient would be an apt description as well, since uber only costs $6 from my place to hers. πŸ˜‚

Leroy wasn't home today but he kept reminding Jaz to let me bring these home. So sweet this husband of hers. πŸ™‚


The best things really happen when you don't expect it.

Very happy and excited for whatever's brewing for this sticky friend of mine! And can't wait to catch up and introduce the boys to each other in August. Yay yay.

I hardly share about my friendships on Dayre but they play such pivotal supporting roles in my life. It's through them that I get through difficult times in life and at work.

I have Lyds sending me encouraging words like the yellow one I posted yesterday. And @nakedglory for sending me silly videos of some lip syncing to a lion roaring (LIKE WHAT EVEN???).

So thankful for all the people around me for putting things in perspective for me just when I need it the most. 😌

Tucking myself into bed with the most grateful heart. ☺️ GOODNIGHT ALL!

May your weekend be filled with joy!

Next week shall be a better week all around!

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