Come shop my earrings + VELY VELY launch ✨


Gonna be posting some lovely dangly earrings up on my Shopee tonight > account is the same as my Dayre joycesayshello!

Honestly very happy with this round of shopping I did. Hahaha. Wore the earrings umpteen times already but didn't have the time to take photos and put them up for sale.

As usual, only vv limited pieces and I won't be doing restocks for any of them!

This two-piece earring is one of my favourite designs out of the lot.

So unique.. 😍👌🏻 I brought in both gold and silver for this!

Fancy earrings may be all the rage now but this pair of simple and minimalistic one also has my heart… ❤️

Wore Vinci Lace Spag today and finally remembered to snap a photo. 😂 I didn't iron it though, obviously. Too much effort on a Monday morning.



I especially love pairing it with my floral outfits!!

I kept white for myself but there's pink too!

Pink is really gorgeous tooooooo 💕 It adds a cute pop of colour to your outfits!

This is perf for the working ladies who wants something subtle but with an interesting twist. ✨

Will match v well with a simple shift dress, I imagine.

Anyway… These are all gonna be priced very affordably!! Between $8-15!

Tassels are so trendy right now!! And I couldn't resist bringing in a few to share with you guys. ☺️

Used it for TTR shoots and I'm liking the contrast this blue pair gives with warm hues.

Spot my favourite Diya dress in a new colour! (There's more but I'll show you later this week hehe 🙊)

There're 4 colours for this tassel gemstone pair!

I really like the red too! This colour would look really good on fair ladies. 😽

And these mini pearls + tassels which are for those of you who prefer small and unobtrusive designs. 🙌🏻

Finally done uploading the earrings to my Shopee page!! 🎉

If you wish to purchase any of my earrings or preloved pieces from TTR, download the Shopee app and create an account. Search for my account "joycesayshello" and start buying!

I like that the Shopee app is really easy to navigate. And once you save your debit details, purchasing is a breeze. 👌🏻

You can also follow my account to get notified whenever I upload new stuff. 😌😌😌

I'll be listing my preloved items on Shopee in a couple of days as well! 🙌🏻

Today I also wanna talk about… my face. Not really my face but rather, some new products which I've been loving for my face. 😂👌🏻

Shared a little about Vely Vely in my PR unboxing post here:


And I've been using some/all of the products every now and then. ☺️

It's a Korean beauty brand which will be freshly launched on local shores on 1 Aug!

And you should be really psyched because Vely Vely is having a MYSTERY BOX available for purchase at $59 (BUT WAIT!!) in limited quantities once they launch.

Told you to wait because I've an even better deal for you guys!

Quote <JOYCEXVELYVELY) to get the box at only $49!! 😱

That's a steal considering that you get 5 beauty products + 1 super chio pastel pink hand mirror in the box. The original price is over $150 okay!! 😮

I can't get over how catchy and adorable the name sounds.

Vely Vely~


Will share my thoughts on their items in a a bit! After I get back from my jog. 👌🏻

My favourite item from the mystery box which the Vely Vely team kindly sent over is the Waterfall Sunessence! It has SPF 50+ and PA++++, which is what I usually look out for in my sunscreens.

This took me by surprise because it's so light! I think it's water based given the name…? It get absorbed into the skin really easily and quickly and has a nice citrus-y scent. 😌👌🏻

Def a product which I will repurchase!

I got sent the Vely Vely Melting Kiss Moisture Lipstick in shade Molly!

And it's the kind of colour which is right up my alley. 😍😍😍

I swatched it when I first opened up the box and wore it out the very next day.

The finish is a nice sheen which makes the lips look nicely plump and juicy. 🍑 One of the lippies which is permanently in my touch up pouch right now. The lasting power is not strong but I guess it's pretty common for creamy/moisturising lipsticks!

The colour on my lips. 💋

Not the orangey tones which I'm more used to but then it ain't too pink too! It's a nice warm rosey shade which would suit most skin tones, I reckon!

Very grateful that the Vely Vely team actually took note and made sure to send me colours which I would personally wear. 😭😭😭

Swatched on the arm. SO SO PRETTY. 💕

The lipstick comes in 16 colours… I'm eyeing a few others actually!! 😬 Might end up grabbing a couple later when the website is officially launched!

Vely Vely Choc Choc Cushion Blush shocked me a little when I tore the plastic cover off. It looked so orange!! LOL.

But all's well after I patted it onto my cheeks. I like the natural finish and flushed look it gives me. And this shade works surprisingly well with my warm and slightly yellow skin tone. It turns into a nice peachy shade on my skin which is really nice. 🤗

I think this 3D highlighter is one of their best selling items!

I love the subtle sheen it gives although it's less precise in application compared to powder highlights.. But the end result is worth the trade off! And maybe I just need a lil more practice since it's my first time using a liquid highlight.

Of all the items I'd have to say I was the most hesitant to use this… Haha this is the Aura Pearl Base and I generally don't use dewy bases because my face is so oily around the t-zone. 😰

So I ended up using this only on my cheeks and it worked pretty good I must say. The dewy/glowy effect is subtle but it's there! If you're of normal/dry skin type this would be perf for you to achieve that dewy Korean look! 👌🏻

I saw their Photoshop Primer and am super tempted to get that!

This was on a day where I used all of Vely Vely's products together. I also used the hand mirror while applying my lipstick hahahah. 😂

Mega in love with their lipstick texture and the colour!! ❤️💋

Their launch of the official website is in 15 minutes' time… DON'T MISS OUT!

And remember to apply the discount code <JOYCEXVELYVELY> to get the box at $49 instead of $59 kay!!

For less than $10 per item… It's really super worth it!

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