Jul Favs πŸ’•



Anyone feeling as relieved as me that the work week is almost over?

Today I be sharing my Jul Favourites! Not many items this month but I love them all!!


I was searching high and low for my Jun Favs post in the month of July but I couldn't find it… Turns out I posted it during end June. πŸ˜‚ Too enthu already. Hahaha.

Maybe I should create a hashtag so that I can refer back on my old posts quickly..? Suggestions for hashtag?

First up – a cute floral lavender filled scent pouch from my friend who went on honeymoon to Japan!

I've been keeping this inside my vanity and I love how the light lavender scent wafts out whenever I open the table top to do my skincare and makeup routine. It smells so nice and calming. 😌

I always feel very touched whenever friends bring back little souvenirs for me when they travel. It's like "you were having fun but you remembered me and brought back something for me??? 😭😭😭".

Better than friends who remember you only when they wanna ask something of you. LOL. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Friends who remember you even when they're having fun are friends to keep. πŸ€—

I've been lighting up before I retire for the night lately…

Lighting up a candle I mean. πŸ˜‚

A kind friend who share my insomnia woes passed me this Hush Candle in Lavender a few weeks back! ✨ Seems like the theme of the month is lavender huh?

Ever since I used the lavender sleeping spray, I'm beginning to enjoy the calming effects which I get from lavender scents.

I light this for about 30 minutes before bed time and snuff it out just before I turn off the lights.

Some nights I forget to do it and I feel like my sleep is not as deep? It could be a placebo effect, of course. LOL.

But hey, anything is good as long as I sleep better!


Omg sorry guys LOL it's so difficult to dayre today with everything going on.

Was having a meeting earlier with Lyds and got ambushed (in the best way possible) with a birthday celebration.

It came early so I was not expecting it at all!! 😭😭😭 gan dong 😭😭😭

I thought I was having a work meeting but it turned into a birthday celebration. LOL.

I've never been incorporating mascara into my daily makeup routine because it's so difficult to find a good one which meets all my requirements.

It has to be non clumpy, doesn't smudge, waterproof AND easy to remove with normal makeup remover.

I really like my heroine make ones BUT they can get pretty stubborn when it comes to removal.

Then I found this. Mamonde Big Eye Long & Curl Mascara!! 😍😍😍 Which fits exactly what I'm looking for.

I can wear it for the entire day, go under the hot sun and perspire and still easily remove it at the end of the day with a normal makeup remover.


Looks like I'm going to be wearing mascara more often from now on. πŸ‘€

My current favourite blush, or should i say blushes, Glossier's Cloud Paint.

This name is really genius. The texture of these liquid blushes are really cloud like. They feel like…. nothing when I applied to my face. ☁️ When I say nothing, I'm not talking about the colour. It's the texture of the product. It feels really light, fluffy and easy to blend out! It also looks really natural. 😍 Easily the best liquid blush, or even blush in general I own.

They make my cheeks look natural flushed – an effect which I really like but so hard to find in blushes!

Idk what magic Glossier used to make these… Maybe clouds? ☁️ MEGA LOVE FOR THESE REALLY.

I've been using these every other day which is saying a whole lot given that I have quite a lot of blushes hahahahahaha. 😳

I wish they came out with more colours!

I got Beam and Dusk which are the more coral/nude-y shades. The other two are too pink for my skin.

I've been loving Colourpop eyeshadow palettes in the month of July…

One is the Yes Please! which I have already talked about here: @joycesayshello:040717

So I shall not elaborate further. Haha.

And erm. Why Colourpop always do white covers??? Mine are so disgraceful. So dirty with marks all over. Haha.

The colours and price point can speak for themselves. ✨

Then I hand itchy went to create my own palette cause Colourpop allows you to buy loose shadows and an empty magnetic palette to do so.

What an awesome idea although my bank account doesn't agree. πŸ˜‚

Put together a pink tone palette and it was really fun but I had such dilemma over choosing the colours.

ALMOST got 14 but then the other two colours would be homeless. So I removed them from my cart. Lol.

Also talked about this briefly a few entries back.. Realised I didn't include the shade names I picked for you guys.


Sorry I can't do it today either because I forgot to bring the palette out.

Don't kill me.

I'll update them here as soon as I can. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜³

And that's all for beauty related favourites! Surprisingly little this month eh? 😌

My favourite necklace in the whole wide world – from Sensibar!

The other day I was asking @jazreeltan if she remembers when she gifted this to me… Cause I feel like I own this for quite a long time already??

And it turns out that she has better memory than I do after doing a quick check through my private ig.

IT WAS AT PACAMARA. And two of us were twinning in Diya Pleated Dresses lolol. πŸ˜‚

My supportive little friend rocking her Diya!! 🀘🏻

My hair was so blonde 😨 and my face was so round 😱

But anyways ya. It was this day that she gave me the necklace!

And I wear it so often.

You can randomly spot it across my ootds through the year!

No matter what abuse I put it through – travelling, hiking, swimming, looooong showers, sleeping marathons, photoshoots with lots of perspiration – it stays shiny as ever. Like our friendship. @jazreeltan HAHAHAHA.

But for real, it's gold filled so it's always good as gold. βœ¨πŸ˜‚

And it's so dainty and inconspicuous it goes with almost every single one of my outfits.

I wasn't asked by @jazreeltan to mention it or do any plugins for her when she gave me the necklace. Which is why I didn't even post about it on IG or Dayre…

I stored it in my jar of precious things and recently took it out to wear again, and got reminded of how much I love it.

So here it is, in my Jul Favs post!

I was clearing out my preloved items for sale the other day and found this wooden hold-all dish, still bubble wrapped.

The thing is…


Last last year in September. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So I finally unwrapped it and put it to good use.

It's an entire piece of wood carved from one of South Africa's iconic trees – the Jacaranda tree.

See those purple flowers?

That's the Jacaranda tree. πŸ’•

I wanted to bring a little piece of South Africa home with me, so I got it as a memento.

I mean, of course they could have carved it from any random tree.

But let's ignore that thought and trust in the good of mankind okay? Hahaha.

I like that it's so raw and unpolished. The shape is irregular so it looks different from every angle.

The surface area is also of a good size for me to put enough random things on it.

Now I'm regretting that I took so long to unwrap it.

But all in good time. Perhaps I wouldn't have appreciated it as much a few months back?

Work's out!!!!!!!

Princess weekend officially begins. πŸ‘ΈπŸ»

Moving on to my favourite outfits of July…

This was actually a 30 June outfit but it was too late for me to include it last month.

Mora Toga Top in White. I also kept Black and wore it during my HK trip!

Sorry not sorry I paired it with Bondi but in another colour. Hahahaha.

June was a month of many favourites from #TTR!

Also loving the Holly Dipped Hem Dress!!


Ross Midi Dress is of course, on the favourite list for July. Still waiting to wear my black piece out!

I feel like I have too many favourites last month. 😍 It's too hard to sift out!!!!

Cheri Off Shoulder Top in Abstract!!

Ferly Flutter Sleeve Top.

This is on backorder already!! Now! Go!

Okay last one before I kena bashed.


Palmizana Wrap Front Maxi Dress in Pink Florals. πŸ’•

Okay I'm done!! Lol.

Can't believe the weekends are finally hereeeeee!! πŸŽ‰ Have a good one guys!!


Wait ah, finding driver…


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