Be right back with you guys!!

Hello lovely Dayre friends!

I've disappeared since last Friday because I've been drowning in food, love and waves of celebrations.

Well, the celebration continues today but I'm off for a work trip tomorrow. So hopefully I'll have pockets of free time to update about my happenings for the past few days? 😬

Then I'm coming home to another round of celebrations – meeting different groups of friends everyday (LOL) for dinners and whatnot.

All the way till 28 August oh my goodness.

Birthday turned into birthday week turned into almost birthday month.

It's all good though, I haven't seen some of my friends since foreverrrrr.

I'M GONNA WORK DOUBLY HARD AT THE SAME TIME! 💪🏻 So it's not all play and no work ya?

Don't worry, beautiful clothes still coming up on TTR. 👌🏻 Heh.

Btw, doing a giveaway!!!

On my IG!

Hop over to check it out! 😇

(Yepp, blush pink eyelet top is upcoming 😍😍😍)

It's been a happy birthday! ❤️❤️❤️

Andddd also…

WE'RE HAVING A SALE ON SALE ITEMS! The more you buy, the cheaper it gets! How crazy is that??? 🎉 Just for the next three days so hurry before all the good ones get snapped up!

👉🏻 ✨

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