THE jumpsuit of my dreams ðŸŽˆ

Midweek perk-me-up. Lunch with my love. âĪïļ

We were supposed to have TCC because I wanted to utilise my birthday month 50% off… And today is the last day of August.


The last day of August is also the eve of PH. So, no TCC for me. 😭😭😭 Sobbles. I really want my seafood aglio.

But lunch was good nonetheless!! Like what he said, "food is not the object of importance". ðŸĪ—

Settled our lunch at So Pho cause it had no queue… And I tried Vietnamese drip coffee for the first time!

The brew was pretty strong but I didn't particularly like the bitterness. Prefer my usual lattes and flat whites.

So… Something happened yesterday! 💇ðŸŧ

Officially gone decent with my choice of hair colour. And went two inches shorter!

Visited Covo @ Outram Park and it was a short and sweet session this time round. I have so much faith in them, I told the stylist "I want something natural" and left it entirely up to her. ☚ïļ

Usually after my hair appointments, I go up to ZL and ask him "what's different about me today?"



Because this annoying fella sent me an image the other day…

LOLOLLLLLL. Laugh die me.

Is it he 感同čšŦ受 感č§Ķč‰ŊåĪš???

Honestly… Is it really that difficult to tell the difference? 😂 My hair colour changes are so obvious some more.

This time round I decided to spare him the agony of guessing and second guessing and guessing some more.

"Tomorrow I got hair appt! Gonna dye it dark brown and cut shorter!"

This was before. Really looking very yellowed out because of my bleached base. This dye job was well needed. 😌

Also taking the chance to show you my #ootd hahahaha.


#thetinselrack #TTR

I really am digging this pale shade of green. It looks almost pastel but with a slight tinge of ash to it.

AND YAAAS MY COURTNEY IN WHITE IS FINALLY BACK IN MY ARMS. âĪïļ The lil sissy lost my original piece and I was so sad about it.

We did a mega restock for most colours a few weeks back and you can check them out under "Back In Stock" tab.

A lot of the colours are only available in limited sizes and colours tho. 😎

I just did a count and OMG we have a total of 11 colours for Courtney.

Is that crazy or what?????


But more is more, I guess. Lol.

I feel so irritated just looking at my hair in this picture. Hahaha.

Really should have visited Covo earlier to fix it!!

Hair really makes SUCH A DIFFERENCE. 😌


This is officially THE jumpsuit of my dreams.


The big ruffles and big flare legs makes your waist look really small. The ruffles on top also makes your arms look slimmer. And makes me look like 170cm. Like magic.

It is so flattering I'm not even kidding!!

Some girls who tried this on at the store already also messaged me and told me the same. ðŸĪ—

It's the kind of design that I know I must keep more than one colour the moment I try on. 😂😂😂

It has pockets too!!

Andddddd the movement of this piece is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.


I'm all for flowy and swishy pieces, not like you all don't already know.

So glad I found my must-keep jumpsuit finally! âĪïļðŸ˜Œ

It's been a good hour since I got home but I'm still all over the house in this jumpsuit….. Don't wanna change out of this awesomeness.

I'm done with work for the day and since ZL is still on his laptop, I shall spend some time updating Dayre.

Gonna share my (almost) full face done and dusted with Mamonde all over! 💁ðŸŧ

I really like the natural makeup looks which Mamonde products give me.

Products I used:

– Cotton Veil Primer
– High Cover Liquid Cushion in No.21
– Cotton Veil Powder
– It Cosmetics Brow Power in Universal Taupe
– Easy Drawing Gel Eyeliner in No.3 Rose Brown
– Big Eye Long and Curl Mascara
– Flower Pop Eyebrick in No.1 Golden Beige
– Flower Pop Blusher in No.6 Camellia

Phew. That was a whole lot of work to type out. 😂

First step is always, always to prime. It's so important to work on a good canvas, and that does not happen without first priming, my friends.

I love this because it offers me the option to skip my sunscreen on lazy days! It's so awesome when my base comes with SPF50 and yet still remains light, spreadable and non greasy. 😇

I don't think this is particularly good at oil control. But it does well in brightening the face! On most days, I go with this and nothing else over it.

It keeps my skin moisturised and has a light, powdery scent to it.

Doesn't break me out so it's all good I guess! 👌ðŸŧ

High cover foundations are never my thing but I used this to cover my blemishes! And as promised in the product name, this was really good in coverage.

It also has a press and dispense mechanism so it ranks higher in terms of hygiene for me, as compared to the usual soaked cushions. 👌ðŸŧ

Okay I was momentarily distracted by ZL leaving my place â˜đïļ but I'm back now to continue this!

This cotton veil powder is really lovely!! One of the finishing powders which I keep on daily rotation together with my Laura Mercier and It Cosmetics.

It's extremely finely milled and I like that it doesn't instantly mattify my face when I put it on.

I dislike it whenever loose powders give me this geisha look. Or makes my face look so powdery and fake.

This is good!! I can still see my natural skin finish peeking through.


Andddd, my base makeup is done!

Nowadays I tend to skimp on makeup time and splurge on skincare time.

(Soz for leaving you guys hanging yesternight, tried to sleep earlier cause there's a photoshoot going on this morning yawns)

The first pop of colour which goes on my face after the base is done – blush!

Actually it depends. Sometimes I do my eyes first then move on to blush, sometimes I go straight to the blush. There are no hard and fast rules anyway~ ✌ðŸŧ

I really like Korean blushes because they are not so pigmented. I can slowly layer them to the intensity I like.

I'm scared of blushes which make me instantly look like a doll (and not in a good way ya 😂) after popping them on.

This isn't too sheer but at the same time isn't too overpowering! It looks slightly mauve-y in the pan but on my cheeks it actually looks pretty natural. Not so inclined towards pink blushes usually but this makes me change my mind.


Don't really wanna use this because I don't want the petals to fade but don't wanna not use this cause too pretty.

Sigh. Life decisions.

The only two brow pencils I own – ZA and It Cosmetics.

😂 This can be a tad too dark for my liking on days when I get a little heavy handed. But on days when I have the patience to do my brows nicely, I actually prefer this colour to my ZA honey brown!

Stays on the entire day and doesn't smudge even though my forehead area can oil up sometimes. įŧ™åŪƒäļ€äļŠčĩž!

And also. The spooly end is awesome. Softest and densest one I've came across!

Next up~


I'm so excited to talk about this because it's my favourite product out of this set of products. 😌

I have always been using liquid brush eyeliners. ALWAYS. Tried gel liner once or twice but they are just not my thing. Used to own gel liners from MAC and Tony Moly but they just don't cut it for me. Either they smudge, or they are too clumpy, or they harden too easily.

So I was a little hesitant to try this.

But my worries were unfounded. ☚ïļ

I really like the brush that comes with this!

Was expecting that I wouldn't be able to draw a line as thin as my liquid brush liners but that wasn't the case at all.

Look at how sharp this is! I'm happy that it gives me precise lines. Yknow how lines sometimes turn out wobbly with liquid liners? This brush is so sturdy. It holds this shape so well and I think my line is the straightest when I use this liner.

This colour is called rose brown and IT IS GORGEOUS.

(Sorry for the many dents hahahaha I have used it so many times already!!)

My prettiest shade of brown eyeliner yet. I thought it would be too red but this shade is PERFECTION. ðŸ’ŊðŸ’ŊðŸ’Ŋ

Using this every other day now and I will likely repurchase this when it finally runs out. Hehe.

Will swatch it down below!

This eyeshadow quad is so convenient, and the quality is actually really amazing?!!! I don't use to have high expectations of my quads other than the colour pairings. But this really changed my impression of quads.

And I love that the tones are warm and earthy and not overly glittery! They feel so smooth and buttery ugh you really need to feel them for yourself.

This is great for a basic everyday eye look. You can also easily smoke it up and make it more drama with the darker brown shade!

Swatches of the eyeliner + eyeshadows!

I drew the liner thicker so that you can see the colour. It's really not a scarily red kinda brown, don't you worry! 😇

The sheen of the eyeshadows are so beauts omg I can't….. 😍😍😍

My favourite shade of the highlight lip tint is No 14. Sweet Orange!!

No surprises there. I've always a special place in my heart for orange tone lippies and blushes. âĪïļ

It looks super pigmented and glossy when first applied and I was a little taken aback hahaha. Blotted it out with tissue and it instantly becomes more wearable!

It leaves behind a nice stain even after you're done with rounds of food and drinks.

The staying power is incredible. 👍ðŸŧ

The other two colours Mamonde sent over are also very pretty, they are all I've been wearing on my lips lately. 💕

And there you have it, my (almost) full face (except the brows) done with Mamonde products!


Now I'm off for my photoshoot.

PH? What PH?

And oooh Mamonde is now available at Sephora. YAY! 🎉

Heads up for all of you at #dayrebeauty!

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