PH is goooooood

It was a FRUITFUL shoot today, my friends!

If you get what I mean……. 🍑🍉🍍🍋

It was a crazy hot but satisfying shoot. Everyone worked so well together, we were running like clockwork.

Appreciative of a team who doesn't mind slogging through (and waking up awfully early) on a PH! 💯

The visuals are AWESOME.

Can't wait for when I finally post them here to share with you girls! As usual, Dayre get first peeks! 👌🏻

Okay time to enjoy my long weekend.

But first I need my post shoot bath and post shoot nap.

BRB! Or maybe not. Hehe.

My afternoon nap was sooooo shiok.

Short and sweet. Would have continued the snoozing if I weren't afraid that I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. 😌

It's been too long since I last baked! 🍫

Saw adorable polka dot ones but they were not grease proof. Meh. Why liddis. In the end I decided to make do with the casing I have at home.

Can't wait to frost these tomorrow!!!

Was such a slow (and awesome) day today, minus the morning shoot, that was not slow at all. Haha.

Feels like it's been long since I've had the whole day to myself to do whatever, go wherever. 😇

Was mindlessly watching youtube videos on cake decorating and it was so therapeutic. I once wanted to be a pastry chef, actually. Hahaha. I don't know how I ended up with TTR. 😂 But it's a good thing I don't bake for a living. If I eat cakes as often as I wear new outfits…… GG.COM

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