"My fair lady shall have the first bite."

"But…. I'm not fair. 🌚"

"You are… You are fair-ly tanned."



Today is obviously a good day because my Klairs toner arrived in the mail!


Been looking for a good, affordable and hardworking toner. I hope this is it! 😌

Also, since I have some time to idle around before heading out, I shall get down to clearing my lipstick stash. 💄

And also, wash my brushes.

I know I don't wash them as often as I should…. 😂 My last wash was 3 weeks back?

Currently listening to.

Decluttering is pretty fun. Suddenly you realise you have a whole lot things you don't even remember owning. And you rediscover old loves.

Ehh just placed them side by side and realised that these two are super similar!!

The Silky Girl Matte Junkie Lip Cream in 01 Retro and Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II.

Top – Kat Von D, bottom – Silky Girl

They look really similar except that Silky Girl is a smidgeon brighter!

I still very much prefer the Kat Von D, even though both are just as comfortable on the lips when worn. Kat Von D is soooooo lasting. Even through food and drinks! My numero uno favourite liquid lipstick. 😍

It's almost always in my daily makeup pouch.

The lip colours I wear most often. LOL. Actually they all look damn similar. 😂😂😂 When swatched I can't even tell which is which. Urps. Time to stop buying lipsticks.

Another lippie which is in my favourites rotation – Vely Vely in Molly! 💋

The top drawer.

These are all the lipsticks that I reach out for the most!

I think it's not a good idea to categorise it like that… hahahaha. It makes me neglect all the other drawers. 😂😂

I told myself I'll rotate the lippies in this drawer but that never happens. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Grouped all my k brands together in one drawer! 🇰🇷

All the luxury lipsticks together!

I used to be really into YSL lippies. Not so much now because their colours are not as interesting.. But they do make lipsticks with awesome formulas!

Packaging wise, my favourite is Charlotte Tilbury. 🙃🙃🙃 Cause rose gold. ✨

My one and only Tom Ford is from……

My supplier. 😂 For my birthday.

Yknow your beauty addiction is getting out of hand when even your supplier knows what to get for you on your birthday.

Haven't used it because I don't wanna spoil the embossing. 😍😍😍

She got it in the shade 08 Flamingo. Cute shade name but I'm not sure if this colour will work on me cause it's really pink. Haha. Owell. It's the thought that counts!! And I'm gonna use it anyway cause it's Tom Ford leh.

Random layer. Idk how to group these hahaha.

What's left of my liquid lipsticks after decluttering! It used to fill the entire drawer but I gave some (unused ones) to my friends and trashed the rest. Trashed a few more today and I'm down to these few.


Okay that's it I'm done!!!

Gonna declutter my skincare stash next week~

Gonna have dinner and catch It!!

I'm the BIGGEST scaredy cat but I love watching horror. 自己吓自己 😂😂 Sometimes I startle and end up scaring ZL too. But most of the times he just laughs at me for getting a shock.

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