Can my Friday get any worse??


It has to pour SO FREAKING BADLY in the morning. We had to cancel our outdoor shoot and stay indoors.

And of all days, my office has to have a short circuit today. Right before the photoshoot is about to start.

And all of short circuits, it's the kind which we cannot fix ourselves.

Waiting for the technician to rush over now. Wonder how much it's gonna cost us but at the same time, I JUST WANT MY POWER UP IDC HOW MUCH IT COSTS. 😩😩😩

Please tell me this is the end of all bad things happening to me today.

Okay the shoot went pretty smoothly after the technician came in.

So I'm in a better mood now. 😌

Here're some of the outfits I wore this week. Gonna be launching them on Sunday, as usual! ❀️

Don't you just love the floral embroidery on this piece? I LOVE. Heh. 😍

#thetinselrack #TTR

Really into dresses nowadays because…


This is me recently.

Dresses are such lifesavers..!!!

I'm a zombie today. πŸ’€

Last night's sleep was terrible.

I stared into the mirror this morning and literally got a shock because there was a dark patch on my left cheek, just right below my eye.

Then I realised it was my dark eye circle.

🐼 this is me today, guys.


But anyway, my work day did eventually become better.

Until I was told by the Malaysia side that we *might not* be able to open tomorrow due to some approval issues.

We *might* have to open on Sunday instead.


I'll keep you guys updated, but meanwhile, please keep your fingers crossed for us. 😩🀞🏻

This is all a lil negative but a few months down the road, when I read back, I'll be proud of all the problems we manage to overcome.

Good problems, I tell myself.


I'm just counting down the minutes till I get to see ZL later.

Need my koala time before I fly off to KL for the weekend! 🐨


Latest update just in!!


Omg our store counter doesn't even have the marble sticker on yet.

Truly a pop up store. πŸ˜‚

But it'll look chio soon!! Just not tomorrow. Lolol.


I'll be there on the first flight I can but probably only gonna be there from 1pm onwards. ☺️

Just got my boost of energy in human form.


All ready for this weekend! ❀️

Before I get so caught up with tomorrow's whirlwind of activities that I fade off into oblivion on Dayre, here's another outfit which is coming up this weekend on #TTR!

This is really a surprise favourite from the collection because it's so different from my usual style.

Both work and play appropriate!

The soft drapey crepe-like material which we picked really lent a nice casual vibe to an otherwise formal looking peplum top.

Fan earrings already available for purchase on! ✨

Okay off to bed. Tomorrow shall and will be a great day!

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