Day 1, KL ðŸŽ‰

Bringing all your good vibes and cheer with me to +60!!

Very psyched to be meeting our Malaysian shoppers who have been supporting TTR for a long time now.

On the way to Changi Airport now. Godddd the Grab fare is insane, 32SGD. 😩

Also… is now LIVE!! 🎊

We're providing free doorstep delivery through Malaysia for the entire month of October, for every purchase!


#thetinselrack #TTR


I had an important decision to make last night.

What should I wear to the opening???

IKR. 😂

#priorities hahahaha.

But I had to pick something which is dressy YET comfortable enough to be worn on flight.

Went with Brie Fishtail Dress in the end!! Hehe.

Best choice ever???

Doesn't get crumpled from sitting in my cramped airplane seat, flowy and non restrictive, but dressy and store opening appropriate at the same time.

Okay I am rambling.

Am at the airport already.

TTYL! 👌🏻



Just landed!! And here's the first order of business I'm getting down to…

Getting my earl grey milk tea w white pearls. 😂😂😂

Sorry anti-climatic.

Otw to store now!!


It's getting busy at the store now, will be back to update laterz! 🙌🏻

My fellow grab passenger. 😂😂😂

Running around trying to dress up the store! Can't stand seeing it in such a plain state lol.

Greenery makes all the difference. 😌👌🏻

Fud smells so good.

Especially when you're dizzy with hunger!!

Sobs you're too sweet, @pokedough! 😌💕

We went out to dabao food and came back to these kind thoughts. THANK YOU!!!!!

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