GIVEAWAYS + PR items unboxing episode 3 ✨

Back and feeling freshly recharged from the mini break I took yesterday, after touch down.

We got back around mid noon and instead of heading straight back to the office, I decided to take the afternoon off.

Took a short nap and woke up a happy person. Sleep quality has been mad poor lately so I'm grateful to get an extra couple of hours shuteye.

As much as I love my job, I think it's equally important for me to have some me-time to go through things I enjoy doing.

Took me some time to stop feeling guilty about spending time away from work and doing frivolous things like Netflix-ing. Still not quite able to relax entirely without thinking about work on off-work days, but I've been doing better at it slowly!

Busy days have gotten me looking forward to my Chiang Mai trip with ZL in Nov already.

But first, gonna plan for our grand opening event in KL!

Ehhhh nope, not gonna be sharing about it yet because we're still in the initial stages of planning 😬, but I will talk about it when we're ready.

Also, on the lookout for brands and companies to work with for the opening. Very open to suggestions so drop me a message at if you would like to propose something fun! 💕 Not limiting it to brands based in Malaysia only.. Sg brands can contact me as well. This would be a good opportunity for local brands to expand to MY!

Going to do another round of PR unboxing today! 💪🏻

I've been receiving quite a fair bit of PR packages and media drops in the month of Sep… But I really haven't had the time and energy to sit down and open the boxes, or try out the products for myself and share my thoughts.

The boxes and paperbags were piling in my office. And every time I glance in that direction, I feel SO BAD that I'm unable to help the brands share about their new launches in a timely manner.

And since I'm back in Sg with a couple of weeks to spare before my next work trip, I'm gonna start playing with the products! 😌

You can also expect giveaways (!!!!) because obviously I only have one face and won't be able to finish using all these products which brands and companies kindly sent to me for my review consideration.

The best way is definitely to spread the love around~ 💕 AMIRITE??


This is what I mean by my packages piling up… 😂

It's a happy feeling to get home to packages waiting for you but it's a not-so-happy feeling when you don't even have time to sit down and unwrap them.

A couple of these I've tried already. But most of them I only just got to opening today!

I got two packages from L'oréal last

One was from their haircare range, and the other from skincare.

This is the Youth Code Ferment Eye Essence!

I've never tried any skincare product from L'oréal until they sent me the micellar water previously. Had a good experience with that and currently am still using that!

I've heard about their Youth Code range and think it's a pretty inexpensive range which is worth a try.

Also, god knows how much I really need eye creams/serums/gels/essences. 😂 When you're an insomniac like me, the next best thing is skincare products for the eyes.

Will give this a go and you'll prob see it in my monthly favourites if I fancy it!

This is priced at $38.90 for 20ml. Quite affordable I would say? You can probably get it from any drugstore!

Started on this range of haircare since a couple of weeks back.

I was really desperate to find a range of haircare products which can stop my hair from falling LIKE MAD.

Gave it a try and I must say…

I think it's working!


Am gonna share with you more in-depth about my experience with this range VERY soon. I got one set of these exact products to do a giveaway for you guys!!

Today, I'll be giving away some other stuff. Heh.

This month's drop from L'Occitane!

Love how my cotton bud stalk matches the paperbag so perf. 👌🏻

Another brand which I'm blessed to receive PR items from. Ace is always so sweet, sending me little notes of encouragement along with their latest launches and never chasing me for posts because she knows I'm swamped at work.


What's in the bag:

Immortelle Divine Youth Oil (yessss anything youth sounds good 😇)

Immortelle Precious Mist

The Youth Oil will be officially launched in stores on 5 Oct!

Have yet to try it but I've been wanting to start on beauty oils for sometime now so this def came at the right time hehe. 😌 One interesting thing is – you apply this oil BEFORE your serums and creams to help them absorb into your skin better.

I always thought that oils are the last step but according to Ace, this one is pre-serum. The Precious Mist helps the beauty oil sink in better if you spray it after you use the oil.

YAY to new skincare!

Gonna be giving away the Precious Mist at the end of this post cause I have wayyyyy too many mists. Keep reading, 😌👌🏻.

Sucha pretty yellow glass bottle. ✨

I really like doing these PR unboxing posts because some media drops are really damn effort and the products usually come with some extra cute little touches, which I can show you guys! 🙂


If Erborian sounds unfamiliar to you, it should.

Haha. It's not a new brand on the market but it has yet to come onto our sunny shores!

It is said to combine Korean skincare technology and French luxury. Did some googling and apparently it's created by a Korean scientist and a Parisian beauty globetrotter. Kinda like an hybrid brand, I suppose!

I was in KL a few days ago and actually spotted this brand in Sephora MY.

In Sg, they're housed in Sephora as well! 🙌🏻 So convenient for us.

I'm sure you've heard by now, Sephora 20% coming on 6-8 Oct. Hahaha. Time to start doing your wishlists. 😉

Okay haha not related to my PR unboxing but just nice I was talking about Sephora la~

Received the bb creme, cc creme and Bamboo Waterlock Hydro-plumping Mask.

Gonna be keeping only the cc creme and giving away the other two – bb creme and mask!

Continue reading, okay?


Yes it's a tactic to make you read until the end. Hahaha.

Last week, I received this not-so-little black box and was a little confused because I was not expecting to receive anything.

Opened it up eagerly and it turned out to be…


I've been talking about Dr Wu on my Dayre and I'm a paying customer for their products since years back.. Recently they have been sending me some of their products to try and I'm so thrilled about that! ☺️

Even if they don't, I will also buy la. It's like a very nice bonus for me to receive their items cause I'm such a fan. 😍😍😍

This is from their anti-acne range!

You can totally feel my excitement buzzing because this range is THE BOMBZ.

I got it one day before I flew to KL and I had 3 freaking red spots on my chin. Not the huge cystic kind but like the hormonal, threatening to be inflamed if I don't treat it carefully kind. I get these every month, right before my TOTM. ☹️☹️☹️

I was so delighted when I unboxed this. Usually I don't try out new skincare products during breakouts BUT it's Dr Wu!!

And it's anti-acne!!

This was the product I tried on that very night – Intensive Blemish Spot Treatment with BHA.

I still played it slightly safe by picking one product to try only.

Didn't open the cleanser and toner so I can't speak for those yet.

Applied it on my 3 red spots while praying that it would really work.

The product name itself sounded so amazing already, haha.

The next day, the 3 red spots flattened and didn't feel painful to touch anymore!! IS IT MIRACLE?? Needless to say, I packed it into my travel pouch and brought it with me to KL.


Will probably be raving more about this in my monthly favs again, so I'll stop rambling away here and move on to other packages. Haha. 😂

Grr this photo isn't perfectly aligned and I'm bothered but at the same time I'm also a lil lazy to bother hahaha.

Simple is a skincare brand which I used when I was just starting to learn the bare basics! Which was way back in secondary school. Haha.

I used to have really bad acne as a teenager and this was one of the brands recommended by one of my cousins, I think.

My skin didn't react badly to it but after a while I stopped using it because I went to see a derm. And started using derm products.

My impression of this brand is just as their brand name – Simple.

No fancy promises, with very minimal ingredients which are skin friendly.

This was what they sent over in the box!

They also sent over a headband, a clip-on selfie ring light and a small face towel. So cute!

Gonna be keeping the facial cleanser for ZL and the micellar water for myself. Giving these goodies away! ✨

Speaking of facial cleansers… I recently made ZL use my Fresh Soy Cleanser because believe it or not… He uses body wash to clean his face. 😩 CAN MEH??? And he likes the squeaky feeling!! I can't believe it.

"So how? You like the cleanser I passed you?"

"I feel like I'm putting vegetables all over my face…."

"That's because of the cucumber extracts. 🥒"

"It feels fresh… But I still think my old cleanser feels cleaner." (Because of the harsh stripping I guess 😑)


Is it a guys' thing??? Idc if he uses any skincare products but at least must use a decent facial cleanser right? 😂😂😂 GOSH. BOYS.

And my monthly delivery from Mamonde! 💕😌

The aesthetics, please???!!!!! Doesn't it put you in a good mood just looking at these? 😍✨

I love the rosewater toner and it's one of the most staple toners in my routine.. Am sure these will work great on my skin too!

I'm going to be giving away the cleansing oil + cleansing balm from this set. Cause I do have quite a few cleansers in my backup stash already. Don't think I'm going to use them all up anytime soon.

Can't wait to test these babies out and share my thoughts! 😘


So I'll be giving away three sets of products from this post:

Set A – L'Occitane Precious Mist + Erborian bb creme + Erborian Bamboo Waterlock Hydro-plumping Mask

Set B – Simple soothing facial toner + hydrating light moisturiser + cleansing facial wipes + towel/headband/selfie light

Set C – Mamonde Petal Spa Cleansing Oil + Cleansing balm

How to win? 🎉

Simply LIKE my post (hehehe 🙃), leave a comment telling me which set you would like to win, and tell me an INTERESTING ANIMAL FACT 🦊🦁🐼🐻🐯🐨!! Bonus points if it's funny or reallyyyyy fascinating.





Meanwhile I'm gonna continue this unboxing post~ ☺️

This custom gift box is from The Gift Atelier!

Was legit excited to open this up cause the feel of the box is already damn luxe. It came with a fat black ribbon which was beautifully wrapped around, but I couldn't manage to get it back the same way it came… So there's no ribbon in this photo. 😪

Hahahah sorry this was also ruined by me. Opened it up to take a look but I was too rough with it. 😂

If you get their boxes for gifting, the tissue paper would be nice and perfect and crease-free for sure!!

I remember I was having a bad day trying to settle some issues for the set up of our KL store.

This really made my day when I unboxed it.

Okay sidetrack a little…


Gonna refrain from looking at my comments section till it's time to pick the winners. I'll definitely take my time to read all comments. 😇 Thanks all for the enthusiasm!

Will close this giveaway on Thursday 5 Oct! ☺️👌🏻

I was so impressed because there's even a pretty floral teacup with saucer and teaspoon inside the gift box! ☺️💯

Gonna have tea from this teacup while imagining myself at a tea party. Haha.

Loose tea leaves and biscuits for your afternoon tea, so perfect.

This box would surely make all the ladies and mothers very, very happy. It made my day brighten up when I received it cause I wasn't half expecting the items inside to be so well curated and pretty looking!

Highly recommend going to The Gift Atelier if you're looking around for gifts for well, basically anyone and any occasion! You can customise your own gift box to suit the recipient and I love the selection they offer. 😍

Hit them up on ig at if you'd like to browse through their offerings! ☺️

Website at 🎁, for your reference.

Ooh just grabbed this from their insta – how cute is this idea??

A pink themed gift box! 💕

I really like that the items they offer for their gift boxes are so uncommon and gift-worthy!

Damn I got distracted by Netflix last night so I didn't finish this post up.. Heh. Currently on the last season of Narcos already. I like season 1 and 2 a lot better though!

And keep the animal facts coming please!! 🤗

Can't wait to start picking my winners!

The last package I have to share is HUGE. Like, I got a shock when they deliver it over cause it was just one big bag sitting at my door. 😂

It's the Dolce Gusto Lumio!

Yknow me, anything coffee is a YES for me.

I actually own a previous model of the Dolce Gusto. Bought it when we did up the pantry area of our old office.

Haha. I could remember being sooooo happy about it. To me, having a coffee machine made it really feel like a proper office. It's like a rite of passage. 😌

So there're my coffee machines, sitting side by side for comparison!

My old Dolce Gusto is the one on the right, shorter, chunkier and not as sleek looking.

Anyone feels that they look like little penguins??? 😂😂😂

The capacity for the Lumio (left) is larger, meaning that it'll make me more cups at one go.

They also switched out the tray area and made sure it's strong and sturdy. The older model's tray would detach from the machine very easily. So I'm liking this new change which the Lumio brings about.

I really, really love the design of Lumio. Especially the see through in the middle! 😍

This would look so good in any home.

Plus, you get hot coffee (which tastes like it came from a cafe) whenever you want!

They also sent me this discovery pack along with the Lumio!

The coffee addict in me is very happy to see these.


Other than the cafe latte, the tea latte is my favourite.

I bought one whole box of this for the old machine!

Actually, the tea latte might be my favourite out of all the other flavours. Haha. It's tastes like teh you can get from coffeeshops! But not as sweet. ☺️

If you get the machine, it comes with this starter pack of capsules.

But there's a promo now!

If you get the Lumio before 31st Oct, you can get it at a special price of $199 + get a free discovery pack worth $39.90. Such a good deal!!

Really loving how it looks in my workspace. So aesthetically pleasing + I can make my own coffee in 15 seconds. 🎉

When my friends come over, we can have coffee like proper adults in a meeting. Hahahaha. 😂😂😂

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